25 April 2007

I really have no idea what he's doing!

Another cat pic!

Spinning around

Last night I decided to practice my spinning, which to be honest is something I need plenty of with it. I'm getting there but over twist seems to be an issue, as do lumps! I am finding the roving/ top easier than the fleece because of the lumpy bits in the fleece. I will get there though. Tonight I went to Stitch and Bitch and watched "V" spin, and hoped that one day I will become as good as her! Also the lovely girls at S&B furnished me with some wool for the mitrered blanket. Royston has decided that if I am knitting it I should do so with more expensive yarn than the oddments of cheap acrylic I had planned on using. I have order some King Cole Merino, well actually Mum ordered them for me, to be going on with and I found 2 balls of wool/ mohair blend in the stash box. And then "A" and "M" gave me some more balls. I have a long way to go, but I can keep an eye out for bits I fancy as I wool shop! I think the wool is currently in the post office waiting for me to pick it up! I'm also hoping my Nostepinne will arrive before we go to Norwich on Friday evening so I can show Mum.
Anywhoo I'm off to knit for a bit and drink a cup of the new herbal tea I bought - Pukka, Love

23 April 2007

I'm so cute

I'm so cute
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Penny was being incredibly cute on Saturday, she loves playing up for the camera so it would have been rude to have not taken some pics of her!

21 April 2007

KnitWitches Gossamer Dreams Kid Mohair

The light outside was just too good to resist! I am planning on something from Victorian Lace Today for this, after some practice!

20 April 2007

Today's post which was (partly) written yesterday!

Yesterday's part
Now I like to jot notes down throughout the day or write my blog out whilst on the sofa or lying in bed (like now) but then I have a tendency to forget to actually blog it. So this is my conscious effort to actually blogging and not just writing a letter to no one. Part of the reason is that I like to ponder about my entry or I have things pop into my head as the day progresses. I find once in front of the computer I don't ponder as well. Tonight I'm quite tired so I think I will leave you to read Watching the English by Kate Fox before lights out.

Today's part
After work I called into the library to pick up the knitting books I had requested, I have in front of me: 400 Knitting Stitches, hats gloves scarves and Hip Knit Hats. The 400 Knitting Stitches and hats gloves scarves are too books that I could see me using often, at the moment I'm not so sure about Hip Knit Hats but I haven't had a good read yet. I have about 30 mins until I go and pick Roy up from work and probably should be doing something much more important than sitting here browsing the web - again. I think I have a problem, can't stop looking at yarn! In fact I have a yarn porn fetish. Talking of yarn, I am most pleased to discover that KnitWitches Yarns will be at Wonder Wool my Mum had said that they would be there but a blog entry confirmed this yesterday!! I haven't ordered from them as yet but my Mum has and raved about them, I was also lucky enough to recieve a skein of this in Midnight Plum for my birthday from my Mum and it is stunning, I am waiting for my Nostepinne to arrive so I can wind it into a ball. I have my eye on a pattern in Victorian Lace Today for it but I will be practicing some lace in another yarn before attempting this. Well Ciao for now unless anything else pops into my little head!

17 April 2007

Have changed again to this! Not sure if I've done it right though! Now I've gotten rid of the google thing I tried to add it's working! I got it here http://www.bloggertemplates.org/?pg=1 and it's surprisingly easy!!


Well I should have £36 in the pot for Wonder Wool, but I have £25. To be honest I'm chuffed I have that much as since I've been putting in my pot I seem to be putting it in Royston's too. Not sure how that happened!

13 April 2007

Woo Hoo

Yesterday I went and collected my copy of Victorian Lace Today, it's been long awaited as Mum ordered it for me in February as an early Birthday pressie. We gave up on Amazon and ordered it from The Book Depository who sent it out very promptly. Talking of my Birthday I had a lovely day on Monday, because of the Bank Holiday I had a day off which is always nice on your burpday. We went to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol for a spot of shopping and then over to A and N's house in Bristol. We haven't seen them for ages and have never been to their current home. They have a lovely house and a nice garden so we got to make the most of the nice weather and had a BBQ. We got back a lot later than we wanted to!
I have treated myself to a Nostepinne as I hanker after yarn cakes and a ball winder isn't going to be practical especially without a swift. I also like the idea of the Nostepinne more than a ball winder and the cost difference was a helping decider. I am still looking for something to store my needles in, I love the idea of this Namaste Needle and Notions Binders but the price is a little high to be honest!! I'm supposed to be refraining from buying anymore yarn (except cheap DK) until I go to Wonder Wool Wales but Dee has posted sneaky pics of yarn for Sunday's sale and I am in love with Wreath!
Anywho I'm off to continue browsing the net and then to knit another mitre square and dream of lace!

04 April 2007

Our handsome Rosco Dog!

Just a little eye candy of the doggy variety!
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02 April 2007


I am tired today, Rosco had a busy day yesterday and I'm paying for it today! I had loads of plans for tonight but chatting to Mum on the phone is a much better option!
On Saturday I decided to tackle my craft room, Roy helped me because I need his help to actually get rid of stuff! I still have some stuff to do but I can see the floor and my desk! I took all my buttons out of the small spice jars and put them in one container for my room on my desk shelves my Grandad made for me. I am currently sorting out my beads and putting them in different containers. I need to get round to taking some photos for Project Spectrum and the blog and various online places but of course I'm procrastinating by surfing the web as usual! I bought myself Simply Knitting today, I'm usually disappointed by the mag but this month there are a couple of things I fancy knitting, mostly the needle wrap in there because my dreams of sewing myself one are never going to match up to what I make! Well not much more news here! Will endeavor with some pics tomorrow!