01 December 2008


15th September was the last post! I have been here, but busy in a nothing happening sort of way. I've been doing plenty of spinning and I've managed to learn to crochet to start a ripple blanket (twice, as the first was too small), also some knitting and some frogging. I've also been dyeing and have set up a Misi shop www.shellbean.misi.me.uk. I have the shop title of Shellbean knits and stuff but I really want to think of something else less wordy, help?

Today I am off work so shall be heading off to Cardiff to do some Christmas shopping very shortly, for now I'm doing a little knitting and drinking coffee and just had some Lemon Curd on toast for my breakfast.

I wish I had more to share, maybe I will have an inspirational moment today as I shop, in the meantime I leave you with a self-promo photo!