30 March 2007

Loving having the internet back at home!

It means I can read blogs properly, read the pad properly, post on here and at the moment most importantly find songs for my new Walkman Mobile! I got myself a new mobile, I loved my old Sony Ericsson K750i but bless it it's a little old and dodery now and plays up a bit. As I've been wanting a replacement MP3 player for the faulty one I have this seemed like a good idea, works out cheaper and only 1 thing to carry about instead of 2.

I have made a start on the first ever knitted garment, which is a vest knitted in Jaegar Celeste. I'm not 100% about how it is going to look but as the yarn was reduced to £2 a ball and it knits up on 12mm it seemed like a good place to start. Also on the needles are the very pathetic start of a pair of socks, I'll find the yarn details out later, these were meant for my Project Spectrum effort - whoops. I've also signed up for Quick Fix Knitalong, should be easy for me, most of my knits are quick things!!! In a minute I'm going upstairs to wax my eyebrows with the jar of Nads Hair Removal Gel I bought today, it isn't supposed to hurt as much and the wax strips aren't much cop anyway!!

Completely forgot to mention that I Royston has said that I we can go to Wonder Wool Wales, I', so excited! It's 50 days away so I've decided to save £2 a day so I have spending money when I get there!!

26 March 2007

Not lost honest!!!

We have our internet back on at home!! So I can post again more regularly! Mind you today was first day in new job so the next few weeks I may just be too tired with all the learning of new stuff to actually post stuff! That's it for me for this post as Eastenders has just started and I have some bits to do!
Be back real soon!