30 July 2006

He is home

Safe and sound! He got locked in a garage, he finally made enough noise tonight for us to hear him.

Now we've just got to cope with the hissing between him and new kitten, Penelope!


Please come home!

Silly cat has been missing since around 8pm on Friday night. We have dropped leaflets asking people to check sheds etc. I think he may be in the house they are building behind us, so I think I will see if I can find out who is building it to open it up.

28 July 2006

I think I need

A new banner.
I also need to not feel crap! Sitting here feeling sorry for myself, unable to move but from computer. Want to sleep or scrap. End of self pity post!
I think I will do a new banner later or this weekend.

26 July 2006

Just a couple of layouts!

These are two comp entries!

This is week 1 - using lyrics from Stay by Maddona!

This is week 2 - using lyrics from Wake me up before you go by Wham

21 July 2006

Our furry family!!

The Boys - Jake and Luke

Rosco Dog!!

Phoebe the boys new girlfriend who joined us last week!

Murray looking very grumpy at new arrival!!

Our new arrival - name to be decided!

And there are 4 baby ferrets too, but I haven't taken a photo!

19 July 2006

A little blog keeping is in order

I need to have a little reorganisation of my blog lists, even though I have a huge amount on there I still want to add more!
These are the ones that I am bookmarking here for the time being as I find them. Now all I need to do is find a better way of organising everything!

17 July 2006


What a weekend!  I’m gonna just do the highlights, because I can’t be bothered to type it all out and no one reads the blog anyway LOL! 
First of all, no kitten came home with us on Saturday.  After much confusion the RSPCA have in fact sent the kitten, who picked us and we reserved, to the Isle of Wight.  So because of lack of faith and the staff’s attitude (bar one lady who was lovely) we decided against picking another kitten from them.  That and the fact that they all appear to be poorly at the moment so we would have had to have waited anyway.
We picked up a second hand rabbit hutch and run yesterday for the Ferrets but we need to do some security work on it as I found Jake sleeping on top of it this morning, which is a small concern!  I have no idea when he got out or how far he went, I’m just very grateful he came back!
Yesterday we were helped out immensely by a couple who are complete strangers to us!  Without them our car would probably still be outside their house and we wouldn’t have been able to get to the Cats Protection League to find another kitten!
We have reserved a kitten with the Cats Protection League, she is 13 weeks old and has been spayed already which is a great help to us.  She is a torty, and seems to be a very loud purrer.  They are coming to do a home visit on Thursday so please cross fingers for us that we will be without hic-up and she will be with us on Friday afternoon.
Last night I completed 3 layouts!!  2 for a DT call, which I didn’t get into, I’m not surprised though.  And I done one in under an hour for a competition.  I’ll share them later on! 


This is me trying again!

With the pictures from Friday! I will post again later but for now just a little visual happiness!
I am wanting some of these to use for knitted bag handles!!!
Gorgeous photo turn kits
Stunning papers!
And I found these on 2Peas and quite fancy them!

14 July 2006

7Gypsies Lushness

From Ali Edwards’ Blog this morning I found that 7Gypsies have their new stuff up, I’ll share some of my favourites later! Also on Ali’s Blog was a link to Urban Lily, I am liking their new stuff lots! Later on I will am going to go through the lovely Cath’s Blog entry for CHA and see what else is about.

The Dare this week Rocks! I just need to find a saying that I can actually scrapbook (sorry Mum)! This week(end) I really hope to get loads of scrapping done, I need to! Last night was going to be scrapping night, but by the time I actually sat down (22:45) to eat my dinner I was to whacked to do anything else! Tonight we are out for a meal, and then tomorrow morning we go to pick up the latest addition to our family.
Because I write my posts in a very disjointed, over the day manner and then publish I have just discovered that picking up latest addition to our family may not happen after all, it appears that there is some confusion which we will have to sort out tomorrow when we get there.

I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to blog so here are the photos of 7Gypsies!
I lied - Blogger won't let me upload, so I'll have to do it later!

13 July 2006

Spots before my eyes

At the moment I find myself strangely drawn to any scrapping goodies that are spotty, especially red with white spots or green with white. Making Memories have some lovely papers in their Boho Chic lines, with paisley and spotty ones being my favourites. Also Daisy D’s Lullaby collection has red, blue, green, pink and yellow spots in it! I’m loving these so much! So much in fact I’ll share a pic with you!

I am also drawn to spotty clothes, particulary black and white spots, I wonder if this has some significant or insignificant meaning??

Not much else to tell really, I stood on a staple last night, the sort that goes in a staple gun and it went through a small piece of my toe skin and back out at the top – it now really hurts, I think the salt water will be out later.

Love you and leave you!

11 July 2006

7Gypsies Blog

Ooh lookey!
Sneak peeks to be had soon!

Just plodding along

Remembering little things, trying not to try every time I slip up and look for her.  We will both be alright I know we will. 
Last night I decided to do a little scrapping as I always used to say that Sally-Ann was helping me with a layout or colour choice, she always used to pop in the s scrap room when I was in there, so I figured that I was going to need to learn to go in there without her helping me.  I could have done with her help last night, it just wouldn’t work out the way I wanted at all.  
This morning I found my way to
Karen Russell’s Blog, on there she has details of the Journaler's Notebook on there, and I have to say I want one!  It’s a really neat idea.  I also came across Kellicrowe’s Blog this morning from Tara Whitney’s Blog, Tara also has a link to this layout by Kellicrowe and it is fab! 
Well I shall be back later my dears!



10 July 2006

Friday wasn't any better...

In fact it was much, much worse.  As you may or may not have guessed from Saturday’s post that Sally-Ann is no longer with us.  She was killed instantly on Friday when she ran out in front of a car.  We are taking it hard.  I just can’t get my head round what we could have done to have warranted losing her.  I am definitely having a crisis of beliefs at the moment, how can I believe in Karma when I just can’t work out what I have done that is so bad.
Today I am in work putting together an Ikea cupboard and starting to struggle, it’s hard work for one girly to put together on her own.  I’ve been told I can’t ask Royston in to help me because of insurance, but then I shouldn’t be putting it together and lifting it really.  I know I’ve pulled my back again doing it, and I’m only about half way there.  Then I still have stationery and the room to tidy up today as well.  Oh well at least I’m busy keeping my mind off things.  

08 July 2006

We will miss you little one

Sleep tight Princess. You will always be in our hearts. xx Posted by Picasa

06 July 2006

Today sucked

Big time. I'm so fed up with today I don't even really wanna talk about it. I've shed a lot of tears since 5pm. The bloke who made me cry in work after having a go for 15 mins, the fact that the ferrets escaped and I thought we'd lost them (they are back safe and sound now) and the bad news about a family friend. Tomorrow better be better.

Love and hugs

05 July 2006

Something I don't see everyday!

The words- “Shell - you were right!!”, though on this occasion I wish I hadn’t been. 

I am determined to produce a layout for the effing dares this week, and as my Freestyle and Designing with Type books arrived this morning I think I may play with those!  The Everyone is Speshal Blog is doing well in the ratings, which is great.  I just need to become more involved and do it now LOL!

I have some layouts half completed but they are for DT calls so I can’t share them once they are finished, well not for a bit anyway.   
Right I am going to go and get on for a bit and I’ll add more to this later.


03 July 2006

Nothing to report

I thought I’d share what little I have to report! I’ve had to cancel my place at the Emily Falconbridge workshop, not because it’s moved but because my parents will be visiting over that weekend. Don’t get me wrong I’d much rather spend the time with them, but originally I thought I’d get to do both! Mind you we are now going to the Red Bull Air Grand Prix which looks as if it will be exciting; Royston was very chuffed as it seems it is quite hard to get tickets. I am hoping that my Avon will turn up today, it is very late and my customers are wondering where it has gotten to, and also I have my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery of my new books and album, mind you I don’t think they’ll fit through the letter box so it’ll be a trip to the PO in the morning to collect! Online yesterday whilst looking for something to knit with my big wool I spotted this pattern for a corset type belt called Wanda from the Rowan Big Just Got Bigger book, I really want a collection of nice books with some unusual patterns in them and the Rowan ones seem to look the best, online anyway. Anyway ciao for now, blogettes!

02 July 2006

Sunday witterings

I thought I'd pop on to post but I don't really know what to share!
First thing would be I've dyed my hair a fiery shade of orange, wonder what work will say tomorrow! I've decided that I can't cope with the Rowan bag I was knitting having a flat bit down one side so I'm looking for something else to knit with 3 balls of Big Wool, any suggestions? I like the idea of leg warmers but if I don't wear them they'll be an expensive knitting practice exercise. We borrowed a paddling pool for the ferrets today, they don't like swimming so that was a wet wriggly experience! I picked up the beret I was knitting again yesterday and true to form done something wrong and have had to pull it out to start again! Oh well I think I'll go scrap!