21 July 2006

Our furry family!!

The Boys - Jake and Luke

Rosco Dog!!

Phoebe the boys new girlfriend who joined us last week!

Murray looking very grumpy at new arrival!!

Our new arrival - name to be decided!

And there are 4 baby ferrets too, but I haven't taken a photo!


scrapdolly said...

Lovely furry family =- all of them - and they have found a good home x

Paula (Pod) said...

All totally gorgeous, but I especially love your new kitty:)

Emma said...

Your new kitty is adorable!

Trysha said...

OH MY GOSH! Your new kitty looks just like a shorthaired version of my (fairly) new kitty!! I'm going to have to send you a picture. SUCH CUTE BABIES you have!! LOVE them all!! (Though I've never touched a ferret, they look like fun, hee hee!)