13 July 2006

Spots before my eyes

At the moment I find myself strangely drawn to any scrapping goodies that are spotty, especially red with white spots or green with white. Making Memories have some lovely papers in their Boho Chic lines, with paisley and spotty ones being my favourites. Also Daisy D’s Lullaby collection has red, blue, green, pink and yellow spots in it! I’m loving these so much! So much in fact I’ll share a pic with you!

I am also drawn to spotty clothes, particulary black and white spots, I wonder if this has some significant or insignificant meaning??

Not much else to tell really, I stood on a staple last night, the sort that goes in a staple gun and it went through a small piece of my toe skin and back out at the top – it now really hurts, I think the salt water will be out later.

Love you and leave you!

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