17 July 2006


What a weekend!  I’m gonna just do the highlights, because I can’t be bothered to type it all out and no one reads the blog anyway LOL! 
First of all, no kitten came home with us on Saturday.  After much confusion the RSPCA have in fact sent the kitten, who picked us and we reserved, to the Isle of Wight.  So because of lack of faith and the staff’s attitude (bar one lady who was lovely) we decided against picking another kitten from them.  That and the fact that they all appear to be poorly at the moment so we would have had to have waited anyway.
We picked up a second hand rabbit hutch and run yesterday for the Ferrets but we need to do some security work on it as I found Jake sleeping on top of it this morning, which is a small concern!  I have no idea when he got out or how far he went, I’m just very grateful he came back!
Yesterday we were helped out immensely by a couple who are complete strangers to us!  Without them our car would probably still be outside their house and we wouldn’t have been able to get to the Cats Protection League to find another kitten!
We have reserved a kitten with the Cats Protection League, she is 13 weeks old and has been spayed already which is a great help to us.  She is a torty, and seems to be a very loud purrer.  They are coming to do a home visit on Thursday so please cross fingers for us that we will be without hic-up and she will be with us on Friday afternoon.
Last night I completed 3 layouts!!  2 for a DT call, which I didn’t get into, I’m not surprised though.  And I done one in under an hour for a competition.  I’ll share them later on! 


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cool about the kitten :)