11 July 2006

Just plodding along

Remembering little things, trying not to try every time I slip up and look for her.  We will both be alright I know we will. 
Last night I decided to do a little scrapping as I always used to say that Sally-Ann was helping me with a layout or colour choice, she always used to pop in the s scrap room when I was in there, so I figured that I was going to need to learn to go in there without her helping me.  I could have done with her help last night, it just wouldn’t work out the way I wanted at all.  
This morning I found my way to
Karen Russell’s Blog, on there she has details of the Journaler's Notebook on there, and I have to say I want one!  It’s a really neat idea.  I also came across Kellicrowe’s Blog this morning from Tara Whitney’s Blog, Tara also has a link to this layout by Kellicrowe and it is fab! 
Well I shall be back later my dears!



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