22 November 2007

There is something on it's way...

But I can't say what or where from as part of it is for my very special Mum for Christmas and she reads this (sometimes) so Mum's the word. But I am very excited, I've been wanting it for a long time!

I do have more to post but I can't be bothered to get up off my seat to get my notebook to type out my notes!

I've been listening to Lime and Violet at every opportunity since monday on my MP3 player, it's brilliant.

Knitting news is that I am nearly at the toe of the companion sock and I have already started planning the next pair I want to knit. It's hard not to cast on, but I have resisted and therefore could claim points in the Knit Wars that Miss Violet set up on Chore Wars. I'm so geeky, I love it!

Right off to knit, and then I can claim again!


19 November 2007

I'm tired

And I feel yucky so I'm off to bed for a nap and then an early night. I will probably not make it back on here later.

Debating whether I want this pattern, well I want it but whether to get it or not.
Ravelry link here website link here

18 November 2007

A wet day

It's rained nearly all day today, luckily it didn't spoil our walk round the Gnoll with the dogs. That's the only thing with having dogs or more specifically a Springer Spaniel, you have to go out regardless of the weather. I've not been feeling up to much today, achy and pathetic are my general symptoms. As Roy has gone out for the evening I have just put a ready meal in the oven and I have some Kale to go with it and then ice cream for afters. I have a DVD to watch on his instructions which I will do whilst knitting. I did buy some wool yesterday on my visit to the wool shop, I got 3 balls of Jaegar Matchmaker for the blanket, 2 were £2 and the other £0.75. I also got a ball of black Sirdar Click chunky for a hat for Roy and a ball of Sidar Peru Naturals for a hat for me. I also need to make some time for checking the UK yarn shops on Ravelry but it takes time to collate all the information, I will get there though. Right off to play Sims for a while or maybe download a knitting pod cast or 2 for my MP3 player, if anyone has any links for good ones I'd be grateful.


17 November 2007


I forgot to post yesterday, I meant to do it but ended up on the phone for most of my computer time and then I decided to play the Sims for a bit and forgot.

Not much to tell about today, went into Swansea for some bits and got some dish cloth cotton for 89p a ball. Off to the wool shop now for a browse!

15 November 2007


I totally forgot I needed to knit for the fund-raiser, shit, better get started quickly!

I've done the heel flap and picked up the stitches on the companion, but now I have some stitches on DPNs and some on the circular, just need to work out how to go about getting it all back on track for magic loop. I'm not convinced it will work. Hopefully my new needles will arrive tomorrow, at work though and I'm off so I made them promise if they came in to text me and I can go get them, I'm glad they don't mind my knitting madness!

Right off to root through the yarn box for charity knitting yarn!

14 November 2007

Just a quickie to say I'm off to knitting tonight so might not post later

13 November 2007

I gave in

Some sets of Knit Picks Circulars are on their way to me.

I've also cast on the companion, but this time I'm trying magic loop. I can't be long as I have to go and walk the dogs and then I think it will be an evening off the computer.


12 November 2007

I can't buy yarn, but I could buy needles

I'm debating about getting some Knit Picks Circular needles in smaller sizes for sock knitting. I really fancy trying knitting on 2 circulars and also 2 socks on 2 circulars. But what sizes to get, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm?? Or all 3? I need help!

I've been mostly planning what socks I could knit next, no I haven't cast on for the companion for my first ever sock before you ask. I fancy trying toe-up as I've got some mice single skeins of Posh Yarn and am itching to knit it up and that way I'll know that I have enough for both socks.

The Basic Camisole is coming along ok, nearly finishing the shaping on the front, so then back to the 5mm needles until I reach the neck. Many people seemed to complain that the cotton angora fluffed a bit whilst knitting but so far I've not had any issues.

Off to debate a bit more


11 November 2007


Has been a quiet day with cleaning being the main agenda. I am disappointed in myself that I forgot about the 11 am 2 minute silence for Remembrance Sunday. I sat and watched some of the repeat of the television coverage this evening with a tear in my eye. I really want to start looking for a nice poppy image for my planned tattoo. Whether I will ever be brave enough I don't know but I would like to have it done.

10 November 2007

A nice day in the woods

Today we went to Pembrey Country Park to walk the dogs, it was Alfie's first ever trip there and I think he enjoyed. Rosco found (with some help) some nice sticks to carry about. I love the park, the combination of glorious beach with light and airy woods is perfect for a stroll with the dogs. On the way home we called into Borders where I managed to find a copy of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book. I've only read the history section and started on the section about sock construction but I think I'm going to love this book! Well I'm off to have a bath so I'll leave you with two of the photos taken today.

Tne boys

Pembrey Country Park


Both last night and tonight we had friends round, mine last night for a coffee and Royston's tonight. Hence not much to report on the knitting front, I've done 6" of the front of my Basic Cami and whilst knitting it decided that the plum colour of the wool would be an ideal colour for the throws I need for the three piece.

That's all I got folks.


PS- I wrote this before midnight and saved it instead of publishing it, what a donkey!

08 November 2007


Some days I find it hard to not let it get me down. Tomorrow or Saturday I will be having one almighty argument with our former Letting Agents, lack of communication does not make me a happy girl.

On a happy note, my friend very kindly brought my copy of Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts that she picked up for me to work today. Oooh nice patterns, need more hours in the day, speaking of which Scott Mills on Radio One was talking about a 6 day, 28 hours per day week, info can be found here, to be honest I can see the appeal in this!


07 November 2007

nothing to report

I had the sort of day in work where your brain hurts when you leave. Been busy, got nothing done.

Popped into S&B, and I mean popped in.

Not much else to tell, sorry folks.

06 November 2007


I have been good, I wanted this skein of gorgeousness from Hello Yarn, well I wanted 2, but I am on a stash diet and must be good. I put it in my basket and started to check out but stopped and released them back to people who aren't on a stash diet.
The Basic Camisole is moving along quite nicely for a slow knitter like me! I'm loving the 5mm needles. I don't think I'll have a lot of negative ease with this top which means it might not have that fitted shape but I'm willing to knit it and see what it's like when finished.

05 November 2007

In my defence

I have frogged the Summertime Tunic, I wasn't feeling any love for it at all.

I've cast on the Basic Camisole from Knitting Lingerie Style. I realised that I had some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in the stash which had the right tension on 5mm needles so I've cast on and done about 1.5". Liking it so far, the yarn is very nice to knit with and despite what I've heard I've had very little shedding!


Nice colour huh??


04 November 2007

Heart not in it

I have to confess I'm not really up for posting today but I am trying my hardest to stick to completing the month.

Unfortunately I have some personal crap to deal with and get my head round, something I don't want to go into here but nothing life or death.

This means that some of my posting will have to be done by email whilst at work, I need to limit my evening internet time it appears.

I will leave you with some dog pictures as promised though.


Arty Rosco

Especially as I just frogged the left front of Mazarine because I had too many stitches, which I didn't spot until I cast off.

03 November 2007

Sitting here wasting time...

I have a million things I could be doing, including knitting but instead I am sat here wasting time on the internet! Today I bring you some pictures!

First Sock
My first sock - just need to knit another one!

Karlchen Charity Knit
I did knit this for me, but it's too small so it can go to the bag for stuff for the fundraiser! Starting the from the top down is a little fiddly but great once you've got going! The pattern can be found here, and I did ask and get permission but I started knitting it for charity.

Louisa Harding Striped Beret without the stripes
This has been finished for ages but I never got round to posting a picture of it. It's the Louisa Harding Striped Beret without the stripes and knitted in the round, the colour is way off in this but I can't get it right.

Anyway I'm off to hang washing out and take the dogs for a walk - pics of them tomorrow!


02 November 2007

2nd day 2nd post

As you can see I have internet at home! Just need to find the USB stick in order to set up the wireless connection.

Not much to post tonight I'm afraid, hoping to do some pictures etc. tomorrow in between the housework.

Unfortunately I'm not really in a posting type mood tonight, there's always tomorrow though.



01 November 2007


This was posted on the 2nd, but as I actually wrote it last night but didn't have internet access until this morning I'm using as my post for the 1st!

I'm still thinking of some themes to do for the month, which I may continue. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful. Hopefully our connection will be working when I get home, today is the activation date!

The WIP list is going up with a venegance, keep starting different things, I really should do more of my Cardigan and do the other sock for my first pair! I can't wait to get the internet back so I can upload some pictures and also to transfer music from CD to my MP3 with the track and artist information.

Here's hoping I can post from home tonight, if not posting over the weekend will be interesting!!!!