03 November 2007

Sitting here wasting time...

I have a million things I could be doing, including knitting but instead I am sat here wasting time on the internet! Today I bring you some pictures!

First Sock
My first sock - just need to knit another one!

Karlchen Charity Knit
I did knit this for me, but it's too small so it can go to the bag for stuff for the fundraiser! Starting the from the top down is a little fiddly but great once you've got going! The pattern can be found here, and I did ask and get permission but I started knitting it for charity.

Louisa Harding Striped Beret without the stripes
This has been finished for ages but I never got round to posting a picture of it. It's the Louisa Harding Striped Beret without the stripes and knitted in the round, the colour is way off in this but I can't get it right.

Anyway I'm off to hang washing out and take the dogs for a walk - pics of them tomorrow!


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