18 November 2007

A wet day

It's rained nearly all day today, luckily it didn't spoil our walk round the Gnoll with the dogs. That's the only thing with having dogs or more specifically a Springer Spaniel, you have to go out regardless of the weather. I've not been feeling up to much today, achy and pathetic are my general symptoms. As Roy has gone out for the evening I have just put a ready meal in the oven and I have some Kale to go with it and then ice cream for afters. I have a DVD to watch on his instructions which I will do whilst knitting. I did buy some wool yesterday on my visit to the wool shop, I got 3 balls of Jaegar Matchmaker for the blanket, 2 were £2 and the other £0.75. I also got a ball of black Sirdar Click chunky for a hat for Roy and a ball of Sidar Peru Naturals for a hat for me. I also need to make some time for checking the UK yarn shops on Ravelry but it takes time to collate all the information, I will get there though. Right off to play Sims for a while or maybe download a knitting pod cast or 2 for my MP3 player, if anyone has any links for good ones I'd be grateful.


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lyzzydee said...

Glad you had a nice walk, I love taking my dog out!!