30 May 2006

Lastest creation

Just one of me and Grandad G!

29 May 2006

I finally managed

To get a copy of CK from Borders, June's though so it looks as if I've missed out on April and May. I also picked up a copy of Somerset Studio, some beautiful work in there, very inspiring stuff.

In fact after I've posted this I may just go up and do some scrapping. I also managed to get a shelving unit, shame B&Q didn't drill all of the "pre-drilled" holes in it though so I need Royston's help to put it together! Hopefully at some point this week my scrap room will look a little more like it should and not a shit heap!

I'm going to ring my Nanna now she's had 2 lots of bad news in the last couple of weeks so I must check how she is!

Right off to scrap - honestly I am!

22 May 2006

Should have guessed


But no – the man who knows these things isn’t there!



nothing to report...

Except that I’ve started the bag again (I know, I’m not meant to just knit something first time) because when I left the gap for the handle I didn’t like it!  I need to have a closer inspection of the book in borders where I got the original idea from!  I’m now going to make it pretty much the same but make a strip to go round the bottom, sides and make the handle.


Not much else going on really, Saturday was spent working on the car and then Royston managed to mount the curb bit in front of the petrol pump and punctured the tyre – of course no spare.  So while he went and got the spare I walked Rosco Dog down by the river.  Then back home briefly and then back out for another 2 hours walking Rosco Dog with Royston and our friend and his 2 terriers.  I sat down on Saturday properly at 10pm!  Sunday was quieter I dropped off my Avon books and then we went over to visit Royston’s Auntie and were there for 5 hours!  Tonight we are going to show someone the car – fingers crossed it will sell!  Somebody rung yesterday at midday ish about coming to see the car, they were supposed to come before 2pm and never turned up – how do you change your mind so quickly??    


Anywhooo, I’m going to try and ring Borders to see if they are still stocking CK, I neeeed a copy now – I haven’t had one since the March issue and I was lucky to find that in there!


Love and jelly tots.

18 May 2006

Slightly Bad Blogger

Combined with feeling grotty all week and not really having much to post about I've been a little slack

Have made a start on a handbag in my lovely Colinette Wigwam – making the pattern up as I go along so should be fun, I hope I have enough yarn.

Tonight I am hoping to get upstairs and have a small tidy, and do some ATCs for a swap I’m in – I opted for just 6 in an effort to be sensible! I also have wool to untangle, my Mum gave me some lovely wool when I went home to knit for a throw. I did make a start but the wool is tangling as I knit, last night I sat down to ball them all up and ended up with one big infuriating knot.

In other news I think I’ve upset someone but I can’t be sure and I have no idea how. It’s not someone I know IRL so this of course makes it even harder for me to work out. Because I am a slightly sensitive soul I am now worried that I have done or said something to cause offence to her and maybe others. I’m kinda thinking that I should assume I have and slink off quietly. I just wish I knew if I had – If I have upset you please let me know, I can’t do anything if I don’t know about it.

Well back from Lunch now – head hurts immensely. Better get on with my stationery order so someone else can order something 2 seconds after I finish it!

Edited to make sense!

16 May 2006

I am going to

go through my stash - be ruthless and sell some of it! I have no room and the dosh would be nice for the other stuff I fancy! Someone make sure I do it - please??

15 May 2006

The gloves...

Are finished! Let's just hope they don't fall apart this time.

I had a huge post planned but my head hurts so I'm off for a bath and maybe some scrapping!

Hugs and baked beans


12 May 2006

In the interest of saving money I am moving my blog back here! So I am moving some of my old posts over to fill it up a bit!

10 May 2006

For the love of Sheep

I managed to drop a stitch this morning whilst knitting on the way to work, tried to pick it up and ended up dropping another one, Royston was rushing me out of the car so the glove is in the bottom of a bag half pulled out. If it weren't for the fact that I've already knitted one I think I'd put these on hold for a bit - back to the beginning tonight again then.
I didn't manage to do any Scrapbooking last night at all - in fact I don't really know what happened to last night it seemed to disappear before my eyes! Took the dog down the beach for a quick run around as he loves the sea - now have sand and dog hair all over the house.
I hope it brightens up at lunch time so I can go sit outside and knit, there isn't enough room usually for me in the canteen at the time I go so it means I tend to spend most of my lunch wondering what I can do. Must remember to get more Sticky notes out of the stationary cabinet though as I am out of them!
Just come back from a Reception meeting, we have to do our KPI's for Monday and work on the new Reception should start on Thursday - YAY!
OK so this was yesterday's post, I woke up in the middle of the night realising that I hadn't emailed this off yesterday!
Have finished the rib again for the glove which is the longest part! Should be finished tonight, I was going to Stitch and Bitch this evening but more car problems mean I can't! Oh well, at least I'll see the apprentice now.
Catch you later peeps!

08 May 2006

My scrapping Mojo

Is coming back slowly, I have plans in my mind for layouts. I've even started the Effing Dare but have now thought that my colour and paper choices would be better for the Effer Dare but with a photo of my bottle of Joop on it. I need to try and get a photo taken and developed for it now, or stick to original plan. I also keep picking up a photo of Royston that I want to scrap, but I am thinking that some Hang 10 papers from Basic Grey would work much better on it - I knew I should have bought some when I had the chance.
I've done 16 rows of Rib on the glove - kinda losing the will to knit with them; I can't face doing it again! Mind you I still have to redo the Angora ones I originally knitted, but again reducing the amount of rib at the bottom - I think my chunky arms may have contributed to the wool snapping on the last ones. And the matching hat to do too. I also have the wool to knit a beret, my colinette for a scarf, which if I do knit the one I want I'm pretty sure that I will need more yarn for, I also need to make adjustments for it - to try and conserve yarn.
My lovely friend returned to work today from her hols with a nice big Tigger mug for me - I feel very spoiled when I drink out of it! I am planning something nice to make her as a little thank you!