08 May 2006

My scrapping Mojo

Is coming back slowly, I have plans in my mind for layouts. I've even started the Effing Dare but have now thought that my colour and paper choices would be better for the Effer Dare but with a photo of my bottle of Joop on it. I need to try and get a photo taken and developed for it now, or stick to original plan. I also keep picking up a photo of Royston that I want to scrap, but I am thinking that some Hang 10 papers from Basic Grey would work much better on it - I knew I should have bought some when I had the chance.
I've done 16 rows of Rib on the glove - kinda losing the will to knit with them; I can't face doing it again! Mind you I still have to redo the Angora ones I originally knitted, but again reducing the amount of rib at the bottom - I think my chunky arms may have contributed to the wool snapping on the last ones. And the matching hat to do too. I also have the wool to knit a beret, my colinette for a scarf, which if I do knit the one I want I'm pretty sure that I will need more yarn for, I also need to make adjustments for it - to try and conserve yarn.
My lovely friend returned to work today from her hols with a nice big Tigger mug for me - I feel very spoiled when I drink out of it! I am planning something nice to make her as a little thank you!

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