22 May 2006

nothing to report...

Except that I’ve started the bag again (I know, I’m not meant to just knit something first time) because when I left the gap for the handle I didn’t like it!  I need to have a closer inspection of the book in borders where I got the original idea from!  I’m now going to make it pretty much the same but make a strip to go round the bottom, sides and make the handle.


Not much else going on really, Saturday was spent working on the car and then Royston managed to mount the curb bit in front of the petrol pump and punctured the tyre – of course no spare.  So while he went and got the spare I walked Rosco Dog down by the river.  Then back home briefly and then back out for another 2 hours walking Rosco Dog with Royston and our friend and his 2 terriers.  I sat down on Saturday properly at 10pm!  Sunday was quieter I dropped off my Avon books and then we went over to visit Royston’s Auntie and were there for 5 hours!  Tonight we are going to show someone the car – fingers crossed it will sell!  Somebody rung yesterday at midday ish about coming to see the car, they were supposed to come before 2pm and never turned up – how do you change your mind so quickly??    


Anywhooo, I’m going to try and ring Borders to see if they are still stocking CK, I neeeed a copy now – I haven’t had one since the March issue and I was lucky to find that in there!


Love and jelly tots.

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