01 December 2008


15th September was the last post! I have been here, but busy in a nothing happening sort of way. I've been doing plenty of spinning and I've managed to learn to crochet to start a ripple blanket (twice, as the first was too small), also some knitting and some frogging. I've also been dyeing and have set up a Misi shop www.shellbean.misi.me.uk. I have the shop title of Shellbean knits and stuff but I really want to think of something else less wordy, help?

Today I am off work so shall be heading off to Cardiff to do some Christmas shopping very shortly, for now I'm doing a little knitting and drinking coffee and just had some Lemon Curd on toast for my breakfast.

I wish I had more to share, maybe I will have an inspirational moment today as I shop, in the meantime I leave you with a self-promo photo!

15 September 2008

A non post if you will

I was going to post but instead I cleaned the bathroom literally from top to bottom moved things around and tidied. Quite frankly Mum if you don't use my bathroom when you visit on the weekend I will be most disappointed!


25 August 2008

Just a quickie

To say if you knit and want unusual stitch markers then go here , so cute, I want the coffee and doughnut ones!

22 August 2008

Sunshine means photos!

Last Saturday I went to Get Knitted for a dyeing workshop with Jeni of Fyberspates and I have to say I had a wonderful day and brought home some hand dyed yarn I am proud of. I may have also managed to spend some money in Get Knitted, well they give you a 10% off voucher for attending the workshop and I needed to get the most out of my petrol getting there (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

This is the yarn I dyed:

This is the stash I bought, I was quite restraint on the yarn front with a ball of Trekking Pro Natura (the red), which I have to say if I'd have know how nice it was and that it had bamboo in it I would have bought more of, a ball of Opal Uni and two skeins of Lorna's Laces in Bittersweet.

I also got Interweave Knits, two Amy Butler sewing patterns, some Amy Butler Fabric, some notions, and another set of Knit Picks Circular needles in 2.25mm.

I also realise that I haven't taken a picture of my spinning wheel, which it seems should have a name, any suggestions gratefully accepted. Tomorrow I am off for a little spinning tuition, which I could do with.

This picture is just because, I collect things with sheep on and did long before I moved to Wales or began knitting, it's fate I tell you. I've had this a long time and it's got to be one of my favourite things. It just makes me happy to look at it! It was a present from my Mum, doesn't she have good taste?


06 August 2008

I was going to post this evening but quite frankly after the day I had in work I have little chance of making my brain work long enough to manage it.

TTFN, back soon!

01 July 2008

Cluck Cluck

It's been a long time and I'm now even going to try and catch up, not that much has happened to be honest! I've been meaning to post for ages, it would seem I'm very good at blogging in my head as you can see this blog post very rarely makes it onto the blog, which is the vital part really. I finally had a nudge tonight as I've joined both Plurk and therefore The Plurkette Hencircle and the first project is the blog about me and why I want to nurture my inner farm girl, so here we go.

Well I'm 28 years old and English but I live in Wales with Royston (him indoors), Rosco and Alfie (the dogs) and Murray and Penny (the cats). I'm a transport administrator which I have to say for the most part I really enjoy. I do however have hankerings for a life in which I work from home and bake and cook everyday and tend to a garden and vegetable patch. Ideally I would love to live on a small holding and have some chickens and maybe some sheep. Back on planet Shellie though as this isn't really possible some ideas and encouragement on how I can have a more farmgirl life appeals greatly.

11 May 2008

A beautiful weekend

A wonderful weekend weather wise, I have managed to get a load of washing done. The nice weather also meant that I could get the yarn I dyed yesterday dry. I haven't got pictures yet, but I do have a picture of my first attempt.
Hand Dyed by me (by shellbean)
To be honest I am happier with this one than the orange sort of colour I managed to create yesterday. I also ended up with some white bits because I tied the skeins too tight.

As I haven't blogged in a while I do have a large amount of purchases to show, this is mostly due to Wonderwool , at the end of April. I went with 2 of my friends and a obscene amount of ooh aahing and purchasing was the result. I had saved my birthday money so I had some guilt free shopping to enjoy. Here are some of my goodies.

Coast Lace weight from Hip Knits, I nearly didn't get this but I admired it on Kerrie's blog so seemed silly to go home without it.
HipKnits Coast (by shellbean)

From Fyberspates some superwash merino sock wool
Fyberspates (by shellbean)

From Tri'Coterie, some Malabrigo, probably for a Foliage hat.

Malabrigo Worsted (by shellbean)

Some Icelandic Unspun for a Pi Shawl

Iceland unspun (by shellbean)

From the Natual Dye Studio
The Natural Dye Studio Nino (by shellbean)
The Natural Dye Studio (by shellbean)

I have started knitting a pair of Bellatrix in this
Yarn Ahoy Sweethearts (by shellbean)
which is Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino is Sweethearts. Unfortunately they aren't a very good fit so I am now off to frog said sock.


12 April 2008

Mitten Inspiration

One day I hope to produce mittens as good as these, one day soon!

Mitten Inspiration (by shellbeantream)

24 February 2008

Calling Jane!

I had a comment from Jane asking me about puppy classes, unfortunately I don't have a way of contacting you to let you know. We went to Woofers in Birchgrove, Swansea. If you email me on michelleapril at gmail dot com I can try and find the number of the trainer for you.

22 February 2008

New Look

Last weekend I decided it was time for a change for the blog. I'd wanted to change the name of it for a while but couldn't decide on anything, I'm not sure I like this choice either but I'm happy to try it out for a while. I also decided to the sake of ease to revert to the normal blogger templates instead of spending ages trying to work out what I'm doing with HTML.

This weekend I have very few plans really, maybe some knitting at a friend's house tomorrow evening it all depends on whether I can be bothered to struggle with our car who is somewhat reluctant to go at the moment. This reluctance of course had to coincide with our "new to us" car of blowing up. I was hoping to have it back for this weekend so we didn't have to car share but I can't pick it up until Monday evening. I am toying with the idea of calling in at the wool shop tomorrow and I also want to have another look for Interweave Knits. There is the usual cleaning and pledge to take photos. And I need to look for a bookcase for the spare room to put all my craft crap on.

In knitting news, I am still working on the socks of doom slowly. All the other things are still on the needles but not receiving much attention and on that note I am off to watch Eastenders and do some knitting.


02 February 2008


I'm sitting here looking through Etsy at yarn I am not allowed to buy, which is daft because I'm not allowed to buy any, I should be knitting birthday socks or having a bath or making some tea. I have added a lot of yarn and sellers to my favourites though. Here is a sample for you

Buy Handmade

I had a whole lot of stuff to talk about but I am full of cold and cold medication which has rendered me fairly useless to be honest. My Father-not-in-law did come over this morning to help me paint our hallway, which when we moved in was white and lilac, we have painted it a sort of coffee colour which is much warmer and more practical when you have 2 dogs. Right I'm off to go do something, have a bath I think before I make tea and settle down to knit these socks!

09 January 2008

Well that's another Christmas and New Year over with, we did have a lovely time, if a little busy and I was a lucky girl again this year.
Next year I am determined to get it all done early, I know I said that 12 months ago but having to move didn't really help last year. More handmade gifts will be happening next year as well. Not as a cost issue but in order to gain a less commercialised Christmas, I like the thought of giving people handmade gifts, something I have put time and effort into.

I'm not really into the whole resolution thing but this year we are planning on more proper home cooked meals, and healthier ones at that. I also want to spend more time crafting this year, getting back to scrapbooking and embroidery and sewing. I really want to get some things done to sell in the Etsy shop, ideas gratefully welcomed!