01 July 2008

Cluck Cluck

It's been a long time and I'm now even going to try and catch up, not that much has happened to be honest! I've been meaning to post for ages, it would seem I'm very good at blogging in my head as you can see this blog post very rarely makes it onto the blog, which is the vital part really. I finally had a nudge tonight as I've joined both Plurk and therefore The Plurkette Hencircle and the first project is the blog about me and why I want to nurture my inner farm girl, so here we go.

Well I'm 28 years old and English but I live in Wales with Royston (him indoors), Rosco and Alfie (the dogs) and Murray and Penny (the cats). I'm a transport administrator which I have to say for the most part I really enjoy. I do however have hankerings for a life in which I work from home and bake and cook everyday and tend to a garden and vegetable patch. Ideally I would love to live on a small holding and have some chickens and maybe some sheep. Back on planet Shellie though as this isn't really possible some ideas and encouragement on how I can have a more farmgirl life appeals greatly.


GlitteryKatie said...

Hello Shell *waves*

Dani said...

Hi Shell, I too would love to be able to stay home and knit and bake and be creative/crafty all day :) Nice to meet you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shell. Glad to know you!

I'm spending a day in North Wales in a few weeks--can't wait as I've never been there. But I hear it's lovely.

Have a GREAT Wednesday! cheers- Elizabeth

Cheeky Red Head said...

I would love to visit Wales some day. Nice to meet a fellow sister.