29 June 2006

quick one for a sec!

To say that the Clean and Simple book has gone pending payment!  I feel a little less guilty about my other Ebay purchases now!  

27 June 2006

Selling again!

I can't post pics because the batteries in my camera ran out after 5 photos! Guess they weren't such a bargain after all!
Anywhoooo I am selling my Stacey Julian Big Picture book and Cathy Z Clean and Simple! £10 each inc. P&P! email me on

26 June 2006

Cheesed off

Back to work today after the weekend and Friday off work again ill and I’m fed up!  Why do people have to meddle in things that don’t concern them!  Anywhoo. 

Royston sent me some pictures of his Aunties Boxer puppies!  They are soo cute, there are 2 white ones in the litter which we want one of!  But we’ll have to see.  Ta Ra for now peeps, I’ll blog more later, hopefully!

24 June 2006

arrrgh - still no joy with getting the website online!

23 June 2006

I posted a big ole post and it lost it! So my short version is go look here, http://everyoneisspeshal.blogspot.com, very cool, a blog for the effing dares! Clare kept us in suspenders all night for it!
Something I put together with my scraps of the layout I was thinking on for a minute! Inside the slide says dream but my camera batteries ran out. I'm amazed I managed to convince it to let me get this shot off the camera. I love Scenic Route!

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22 June 2006

I was right!

I did not have enough yarn!  I managed another side and the bottom, so just one side and the handle to go.  I’ve stitched up what I have done so once I manage to get more yarn I won’t have too much to do until it’s finished.  Last night I picked up the mustard yellow yarn my Mum gave me which should be gross but I am strangely drawn to.  I’ve started to knit the squares for my throw I am aiming towards.  The first square is plain stocking stitch. 
I came back into work today because I feel guilty about being off and I keep worrying about my work that needs doing.  Of course I spent most of last night awake with stomach pains again so I am now feeling yuck and I just wanna go home to bed.  Oh well I’d better get on.
Ta ra for now.

21 June 2006


Well the bag is nearly finished - but I'm not going to have enough yarn by the looks of things! Anyone got any Colinette Wigwam in Jamboree going spare!

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20 June 2006

Some Doggy Eye Candy

I'm off work and feeling awful, so I may or may not blog later but in the meantime! Posted by Picasa

19 June 2006

An eventful weekend!

Well Neil dropped off Gem on Thursday night and then we had to get him to come and get her again after Luke (one of my ferrets) got out of the cage and she tried to kill him.  She returned again on Friday evening after we had removed the ferrets from the shed completely.  Good job we had her Friday as she gave birth to 6 pups around Midnight!  So at the moment we have 11 animals at our house!  On Saturday Royston was due to go to the Boat Show to do some networking and find out about having a stand there next year and I was supposed to stay at home and finish the Scrap Room, but in the end I ended up going with him because he didn’t have anyone else to go with!  Yesterday was the Welsh Game Fair so off we went to that.  Rosco Dog done us proud by completing the Scurry (type of retrieval trial for those don’t know) in first and second place!  We can’t stop grinning every time we see his Rosettes.  This of course means that the Scrap Room is still in a state of disarray, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it finished.  I did intend on doing some last night when we got back but I was whacked and ended up in bed by 10:50 pm which is very early for me!
I’ll post again later – maybe!

15 June 2006

Nothing more done of the scrap room, I spent most of last night working on getting the website up!  I’m very grateful for Clare’s help, at least it’s set up right now, even though it won’t load.  I have a feeling it’s a permissions thing, she says hopefully. 
Tonight I must resist the urge to try again and do some of my room – I neeeeed to scrap!  Also our friend is coming over to prepare our shed for when we look after his preggers dog while she has the pups.  So I’m guessing I’ll have to help with that! 
Other than that not much to tell, I’m still working out what I can sell, partly because I need the space but mostly because I want Autumn Leaves Freestyle and Ali Edwards new book!  I have a huge problem with my patterned paper mixing from different ranges.  
The only other thing is I have a little dream, something I really want to do, something I think I could do.  But because of my self-confidence issues I’m not ready to tell in case it doesn’t come off, in case I can’t work out how to make it come real.  I know I can do it, but my little brain has a niggle.  
Bye for now





14 June 2006

A whole evening wasted

And still no luck on uploading the website!  Hopefully Clare will be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong later on this evening!  Or if not I may have to get Will to come and help me. 
Hopefully tonight I will have time to do some more tidying of the Scrap Room, I’m really in that “I wish hadn’t started” place.  I’m still on operation clearout, not that I’ve cleared much out yet, I do have a copy of Card Crazy by Deluxe Designs and a couple of templates for sale, I’d like £8 inc p&p for the book and I think it’s 2 maybe 3 templates.  Or make me an offer!  I know that there is plenty more to go, I just need to let go of the whole, ” well I might use it thing” and just put it up for sale!  I really need to get on with the room so I can do some Scrapbooking and I have some classes I want to write up for my website (if I ever get it up!).  Tonight is also the night for putting my Avon orders through, and then I need to deliver new books sometime this week as well.  I just wish I could go without sleep, I might get halfway to achieving what I want to do then, or I could work a night shift as well as my normal job and earn lots of moola!
I’d better be off - TTFN

13 June 2006

I hate websites!

Well mine anyway at the moment, it is total user error though as I’m trying to create my own website using Dreamweaver and I’m having problems uploading it, a friend advised using Smart FTP but this has just confused me all the more! 
I’m still working on tidying the Scrap Room, I’m not getting anywhere with that either!  I must be ruthless – something I’m struggling with to be honest.  Even though I swore I’d never do another I have a hankering for doing another CJ! 

Two unrelated websites to share:
For scrapping goodies -
For extreme sports – www.espbuggies.com


Ta ra for now!

09 June 2006

Neglectful Again

I felt like rubbish all weekend so not much got done I’m afraid, even with being off work from Thursday until Tuesday. 

Monday we did spend a lovely day in the Cotswolds with my relatives from America.  A nice relaxing day in the sun!  Rosco Dog had a great time & was spoiled rotten with treats, fusses and belly rubs.  Royston got some fudge and nougat from the sweet shop from my Mum instead of a birthday cake!  Grandad bought me a very cool new peg basket as mine broke on Sunday.  The only let down was that we only went to Burford because Mum and I wanted to go the wool shop but they have closed down!  We were not happy bunnies, I was hoping to get a skein or two of Colinette as no one round here sells it!

On Tuesday evening I decided to put together the shelving unit I bought weeks ago & haven’t had time to do anything with, Royston helped me finish it off when he got in.  Wednesday evening I decided to make a start on the scraproom, because of the new bookcase and wonky floor I’ve had to move most of the furniture around.  The bookcases are now in their new home and my desk is in position, just a couple of bits to move once all the organising and purging is done.  I’m still trying to decide the best way of organising my papers.  I had them all in Ikea cubes but I’m not sure if it works for me – they’ll probably go back in them because I don’t know what else to do with them.  I don’t think that my drawer idea is one of my best!  I really want a small filing box with suspension files – a girl can dream can’t she!  Then I need Royston to put my wire up above my desk so I can keep smaller more used items in reach and I can bag up works in progress and clip them up there out of the way!  I have to say I quite like organising my stash, I usually find something I’ve forgotten about.  Mind you last night I got to the stage of having no idea what to tackle next!!!!

In other news Kirsty has her new website up!  Kaptured by Kirsty & it looks fab! 

Well off to do something less interesting instead!


02 June 2006

Cafe Press

Support This Site

Edited so it actually goes to my shop!!

For Sale!!!!

Albums sold pending payment!!!!!

and 2 of these rigid page protectors! I would like £5 each for the albums plus actual postage and £1.50 each for the rigid page protectors plus actual postage. Email me on michelle@scrapthat.co.uk