22 June 2006

I was right!

I did not have enough yarn!  I managed another side and the bottom, so just one side and the handle to go.  I’ve stitched up what I have done so once I manage to get more yarn I won’t have too much to do until it’s finished.  Last night I picked up the mustard yellow yarn my Mum gave me which should be gross but I am strangely drawn to.  I’ve started to knit the squares for my throw I am aiming towards.  The first square is plain stocking stitch. 
I came back into work today because I feel guilty about being off and I keep worrying about my work that needs doing.  Of course I spent most of last night awake with stomach pains again so I am now feeling yuck and I just wanna go home to bed.  Oh well I’d better get on.
Ta ra for now.

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