14 June 2006

A whole evening wasted

And still no luck on uploading the website!  Hopefully Clare will be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong later on this evening!  Or if not I may have to get Will to come and help me. 
Hopefully tonight I will have time to do some more tidying of the Scrap Room, I’m really in that “I wish hadn’t started” place.  I’m still on operation clearout, not that I’ve cleared much out yet, I do have a copy of Card Crazy by Deluxe Designs and a couple of templates for sale, I’d like £8 inc p&p for the book and I think it’s 2 maybe 3 templates.  Or make me an offer!  I know that there is plenty more to go, I just need to let go of the whole, ” well I might use it thing” and just put it up for sale!  I really need to get on with the room so I can do some Scrapbooking and I have some classes I want to write up for my website (if I ever get it up!).  Tonight is also the night for putting my Avon orders through, and then I need to deliver new books sometime this week as well.  I just wish I could go without sleep, I might get halfway to achieving what I want to do then, or I could work a night shift as well as my normal job and earn lots of moola!
I’d better be off - TTFN

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lyzzydee said...

Let me know if you ever crack the I am going to keep this in case problem !!!