15 June 2006

Nothing more done of the scrap room, I spent most of last night working on getting the website up!  I’m very grateful for Clare’s help, at least it’s set up right now, even though it won’t load.  I have a feeling it’s a permissions thing, she says hopefully. 
Tonight I must resist the urge to try again and do some of my room – I neeeeed to scrap!  Also our friend is coming over to prepare our shed for when we look after his preggers dog while she has the pups.  So I’m guessing I’ll have to help with that! 
Other than that not much to tell, I’m still working out what I can sell, partly because I need the space but mostly because I want Autumn Leaves Freestyle and Ali Edwards new book!  I have a huge problem with my patterned paper mixing from different ranges.  
The only other thing is I have a little dream, something I really want to do, something I think I could do.  But because of my self-confidence issues I’m not ready to tell in case it doesn’t come off, in case I can’t work out how to make it come real.  I know I can do it, but my little brain has a niggle.  
Bye for now





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Sue said...

aww good luck with the site hun.
I am hopeing to buy the freestyle book too next week ( theres always something i need !!)
Sue xx