09 June 2006

Neglectful Again

I felt like rubbish all weekend so not much got done I’m afraid, even with being off work from Thursday until Tuesday. 

Monday we did spend a lovely day in the Cotswolds with my relatives from America.  A nice relaxing day in the sun!  Rosco Dog had a great time & was spoiled rotten with treats, fusses and belly rubs.  Royston got some fudge and nougat from the sweet shop from my Mum instead of a birthday cake!  Grandad bought me a very cool new peg basket as mine broke on Sunday.  The only let down was that we only went to Burford because Mum and I wanted to go the wool shop but they have closed down!  We were not happy bunnies, I was hoping to get a skein or two of Colinette as no one round here sells it!

On Tuesday evening I decided to put together the shelving unit I bought weeks ago & haven’t had time to do anything with, Royston helped me finish it off when he got in.  Wednesday evening I decided to make a start on the scraproom, because of the new bookcase and wonky floor I’ve had to move most of the furniture around.  The bookcases are now in their new home and my desk is in position, just a couple of bits to move once all the organising and purging is done.  I’m still trying to decide the best way of organising my papers.  I had them all in Ikea cubes but I’m not sure if it works for me – they’ll probably go back in them because I don’t know what else to do with them.  I don’t think that my drawer idea is one of my best!  I really want a small filing box with suspension files – a girl can dream can’t she!  Then I need Royston to put my wire up above my desk so I can keep smaller more used items in reach and I can bag up works in progress and clip them up there out of the way!  I have to say I quite like organising my stash, I usually find something I’ve forgotten about.  Mind you last night I got to the stage of having no idea what to tackle next!!!!

In other news Kirsty has her new website up!  Kaptured by Kirsty & it looks fab! 

Well off to do something less interesting instead!


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