19 June 2006

An eventful weekend!

Well Neil dropped off Gem on Thursday night and then we had to get him to come and get her again after Luke (one of my ferrets) got out of the cage and she tried to kill him.  She returned again on Friday evening after we had removed the ferrets from the shed completely.  Good job we had her Friday as she gave birth to 6 pups around Midnight!  So at the moment we have 11 animals at our house!  On Saturday Royston was due to go to the Boat Show to do some networking and find out about having a stand there next year and I was supposed to stay at home and finish the Scrap Room, but in the end I ended up going with him because he didn’t have anyone else to go with!  Yesterday was the Welsh Game Fair so off we went to that.  Rosco Dog done us proud by completing the Scurry (type of retrieval trial for those don’t know) in first and second place!  We can’t stop grinning every time we see his Rosettes.  This of course means that the Scrap Room is still in a state of disarray, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it finished.  I did intend on doing some last night when we got back but I was whacked and ended up in bed by 10:50 pm which is very early for me!
I’ll post again later – maybe!

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