21 December 2006

I’ve sooo been MIA! Not much to report to be honest, still no connection at home and to be honest I’m so busy I really don’t need the distraction of it in the evenings. I am so unprepared for Christmas that I think my head might burst at any point, I can’t even say I’m looking forward to it, just to much to do still. Knitting to be done, cards to write, presents to buy (when???), food to buy, things to do that I’ve forgotten about!

I am now disappearing so this is to say

Enjoy the Festive season and what it means to you! Have a fab New Year!

13 November 2006


There is a reason for the lack of blogging, still no connection at home! Mind you it’s probably been for the best, as I have no will power when it comes to my favourite online haunts and I am still tacking the big knitting list for the festive season! I have completed my Nanna’s birthday gift, minus some possibly flowers for embellishment. I am about a 1/3 of the way through my Grandad’s gift. I have made a start on my Mum’s gift but Royston said this morning that he’s not sure about the colour and whether my Mum will like it (the colour that is). This led to a discussion on the wool I am knitting it in and the wool it should be in, Mum take note, you have Royston to thank for the much more gorgeous wool that one of us will be purchasing for you pressie. That’s right I may even convince him to go get it, with a note for him to give to the ladies in the wool shop of course! The lesson learned here is twofold, take Royston wool shopping with me in the first place and he is much less frugal than I! After that I have at least one more present to knit, possibly more, who knows.
Apart from the knitted items, I have only purchased one other gift for the impending festive and birthday season which is just round the corner.
Oh well I’d better be off, catch you later!!


03 November 2006


  • I feel like sticking my head down the loo.
  • I have consumed my own body weight in vegetable soup.
  • Have to finish the stationery order.
  • Want to have a go at spinning (wool that is, not the insane exercise type of spinning), if anyone can help me please let me know.
  • I'm tired and I ache.
  • I need to do that CJ stuff tonight.
  • I want to knit tonight.
  • I have no internet connection at home.


PS - nice wool here: http://www.kpixie.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=35_216_217

02 November 2006

No Where Fast

Is my progress today in work. Sigh. Has been the same since Tuesday.

Knitting is also no progress, in fact less progress as I dropped a stitch and ended up having to pull out the scarf I had made good headway on. Sigh.

36 minutes and I will be leaving work to hopefully make more progress on stuff at home, anything, don't care what. Looking forward to a nice relaxing bath tonight to try and warm up. Need to start CJ too, panic!

31 October 2006


I just found this on Paula’s blog - http://minibookpixie.blogspot.com/

Your Unique Costume is Tattoo Freak

Get your freak on!

Happy Halloween

Mmm, yum, I want some Aran Silk from Hip Knits, it can be found here! I would only need 200g to knit myself a cowl, I reckon anyway! Well today is Halloween (duh, you all know that) and we have not done a thing for it, we promised ourselves that we would carve pumpkins again but we haven’t gotten round to that! Must get some sweets tonight in case we get any trick or treaters at the door, if not we can always eat it ourselves! I also nnnneeeeed batteries for the camera, I’m hoping I’ll get time for a quick layout for a call I’ve seen, but the deadline is tonight and we are off out for a meal with the out-laws. I have been blog surfing today and came across this little beauty - http://marah_johnson.typepad.com/random/2006/10/sweetpeas_snaps.html, I want one!
In other news I am off to Stitch and Bitch tomorrow evening and I am getting a little excited to say the least, sad I know! When I am at Borders I am hoping to pick up a book or two to help me with my little venture I have planned!

Ciao fellow paper and yarn lovers

26 October 2006


Today has been a bit like that but never mind hey! I am sat here refreshing the page on my favourite online place because all I get is an error message :( , can't get in nope not me! Should use the time to scrap or knit but no I just keep refreshing!
I am going to use the time to look for some Gyspy/ Romany stuff for my CJ, I changed the theme, Wild West was frying my brain. If you know of any good sites for images let me know!

19 October 2006

New Banner

I decided change would be good!

Kirsty very kindly altered this photo of Penny a while ago, thought it was about time I put it to use!


Hopefully I'll have more luck today than yesterday!
Autumn Leaves stamps on my list:

And these from Fontwerks:

18 October 2006

Stamp Craving!

Post abandoned due to blogger's lack of ability to upload photos!

16 October 2006

Monday stuff

I have many things I need to do, nothing urgent, but stuff that I’m conscious that I should get on with! Like uploading pictures to various places including: the pad; UKS; 2Peas; Flickr and Slide. I really need to decide where is best for my photos and sort them all out. I am still waiting to be able to transfer to Beta with the ole blog, but even though I check numerous times a day, nothing as yet.

Also when I do upload to
Flickr and Slide I am going to make the effort to look through the stuff on there and comment, it’s a must do.

I received this morning a parcel from the lovely
Jen, including mucho lovely stuff, the highlight is a pair of purple fluffy earmuffs! I’ve wanted earmuffs for ages but haven’t seen any to buy! I will be posing in them later on Dudes! I will take a pic of all my goodies later on the mobile phone camera (batteries are dead in proper one).

Well after
Elaine ran a poll for me my theme for the CJ is “The Wild West”, mmmm, was really excited about it until I started to think what I was going to do and now I have no idea what to do for it! Clare is trying to tempt me to think of another theme! I’ve just been looking for images and came across this http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/vikelly.html, some of these might be some use!

A little window shopping means a little fake wish list! I love window shopping!
Autumn Leaves stuff:
Foof*a*la Savannah Collection
MOD Blackbird
The Look Book
Designing with Colour
Journalling Clear Stamps
All of the doodly stamps on this page
The Foof*a*la kits from this page
The Me Book
Designing with Greetings
Of course this list is just something I’m doing to procrastinate! My moto in life really should be “Why do today what I can put off until next week”

Right I'm off for now, Ciao!

10 October 2006


Ok I signed up for a CJ with some uber talented peeps and because I'm super indecisive I now can't pick a theme! I've narrowed it down to 6! Did I mention the uber talented people? Panicking me?

PS Blogger am I the only person who is not allowed to switch to Beta?!???!

07 October 2006


So I keep saying that I will get better at updating this but you know how it is! Currently sat here keeping myself occupied while I wait for a drunk Royston to return home at some point, he doesn't have any keys!

Not much been going on! I registered for Skype tonight, so tomorrow I will hopfully go and get a phone for it, and then I need to convince Mum to sign up for it! Been knitting a little bit, mostly for our Big Knit Out - details are here http://www.nationalknittingweek.com/events.asp#Wales. Not much else to tell I'm afraid, thought I'd better just let you all know that I haven't dropped off Wales!

28 September 2006

I finished it!

This post is mainly for Mum! So she can see the bag, thanks for your help Mum! Oh BTW it came up about half the height!

 Posted by Picasa

I forgot!

To say that I have been very naughty and order some papers from Banana Frog! I ordered some Rouge de Garance papers which are totally yummy, fab quality! I picked the Fleur de Chine set and some other random papers! Can’t wait to create something with them! The bag has been stitched up but not felted as yet! Maybe tonight! My website of inspiration today is http://thegreenfrogstudio.typepad.com/ so that is where I am off to!


27 September 2006

I will get better...

I promise!

Well no blogging since the 11th, and now of course I can’t remember what on earth I was going to blog about! Parents have been down for a visit, so have been visiting various places around South Wales, including 4 electrical shops and several coffee providing establishments! I was treated to 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya and a ball of Rowan Tapestry from Mrs Macs and a MP3 player! Yesterday I went to The Wool Shop which is new to me! Treated myself to 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Soho and a ball of Jaeger Odessa for a Christmas pressie scarf! I am nearly finished knitting up the 3 balls of big wool into a clutch type bag for felting – I have no idea how it’s going to turn out as the pattern is a make it up as you go along effort from me and Mum, no I trust my Mum’s make it up skills but I’m not so sure about mine. Wish me luck for impending felting session! Tonight I need to do the hovering and then get on with my DT call stuff! I should be going to knitting but as I was out last night meeting the lovely Ginger I don’t know whether I will, also loads to do at home anyway! And Royston rung to say that after he’s picked me up we are heading back up the unit so that’ll take up a bit of time. I’d better be off so I’ll catch you later peeps!

11 September 2006

2996 Project

I haven’t read the 2996 project because the site appears to be down, but I think I’ve got the gist of things. Here is my tribute

Michael Cammarata, 22, Huguenot, N.Y

I sit here 5 years on thinking about what to write about a man I never met. A man that after I have read the tributes to him, I can see was loving, kind, caring, determined and brave. A man that was and still is a credit to his family, loved by many, never forgotten.

Michael was nine weeks into a 14 week programme with Engine 28, Ladder 11, Manhattan. He was described as “athletically gifted” and enjoyed and excelled at sports from a very young age. Michael had wanted to be a fire fighter since the age of 7, a dream realised when he achieved a perfect score on the FDNY exam. The day after the attacks his brother Joseph found a letter of what to should the worst happen – “Don’t Mourn Me”. I was going to write more but instead have left just a few of the links I found for Michael for you to read the heartfelt words left by family, friends and strangers alike.

May you rest in peace Michael. And that your loved ones are reunited someday with “the face”.









A quiet weekend here, not much doing at all really. I sorted out my ribbons onto cards and have put them in a basket so I can see what I have of what colours, hopefully meaning I use them more. By doing this I have realised that I don’t’ have as much ribbon as I thought I did and that I don’t have as much colourful, exciting ribbon as I thought I did! I’ll take a picture later!

I’ve been blog browsing today and have spotted these bags! How cute, I saw them here! There is really not much else to tell, I have a few things to get on with scrapping wise this week but how much I manage to do remains to be seen. Need to move some bits around in the house before parents arrive for visit next week. Also once the furnitre has been moved around I can have yet another tidy up upstairs and move about and chuck stuff out – you get the picture!

10 September 2006

07 September 2006


I’ve been slacking on the blog front, no particular reason just have been. Of course now I have to try and remember what I have done to blog about!

On Saturday we went to the Red Bull Air Race at Longleat, unfortunately because of the wind they had to cancel it! So a very long day due to lack of organisation when getting out of field it took a very long time to get home! It would have been a brilliant day with lots of fab photo opportunities but never mind. I did take some photos but Royston is in possession of the camera so I haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.

Mmm what else? Not much to be fair, whilst in the car on Saturday I started knitting myself a scarf using my rather fabulous 1 skein of Giotto by Colinette and last night I finished it!! Just got to trim the ends and give it a quick press with the iron, it is all colourful and beautiful!

Last night I mooched down to Starbucks for Stitch and Bitch and in the interest of cheapness, trying new stuff and less coffee I thought I’d try the tea. Tazo Chai is yummy, not so keen on the Citron to be fair! Of course I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee wishing I had a little Chai right now, I can’t even go looking for any at lunch time as Royston has the car today.

I have made myself a knit tin to store little bits of knitty and crochet info, and also filed all my printed patterns into a folder. I also made myself an album for 6x12 layouts which I fancy having a go at but have now realised that I could really do with some 6x12 page protectors so if anyone knows where I can get some please, please, please let me know. Tonight I may finish my bracelet that I started a few weeks ago, not much left to do before it’s finished. Then I need to make a Birthday card and present for next Friday. I also have a few scrapping things to do and I need to make a start on some bits for the Big Knit Out, our Stitch and Bitch National Knitting Week fundraiser for Breast Cancer, so cheeky mode here if anyone would like to donate pink, white, cream or lilac wool to our cause drop me a line!

Anyhoo I’m off like a smelly cheese folks – catch you later!

01 September 2006

I will blog again later

But in the meantime please go look here


For a very good cause!

29 August 2006


After my Mum's kick up the wosit I am off to scrap!

And Blogger - please can I be allowed to transfer to Beta soon, I've even made myself another blog for the meantime! Please with a cherry on top!

25 August 2006

I want!

This from Colinette

Totally gorgeous and 100% silk but at £13.50 a skein I'm gonna have to be very very good or save!

24 August 2006

Nothing much to report here

We are hoping to do a carboot on Sunday, purge stuff and keep my eyes peeled for some bargains. On the list of things to look for are: wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, old patterns, storage bits, buttons, old jewellery, beads and the like. On Saturday I am going to go through my craft bits and be strong! Hopefully I can get the computer moved over to the kitchen real soon and then the desk can go up into the scraproom, which will hopefully give me somewhere to use my sewing machine! Then hopefully I will have enough room for my blanket box and chair under the stairs. I am going to move my knitting and beading into the Blanket box as I usually do these downstairs anyway!

Tonight I am hoping to finish off my contest layout which is due in tomorrow! I just need to think of a title and then a last few finishing touches. I also need to finish up a circle journal entry, which I think I need a photo for and have no ink in the printer – whoops!

Today though I can’t really make up my mind what sort of frame of mind I am in. Part of me is disillusioned with scrapping, that I’m not that talented and there isn’t any point to it all. The other part of me wants to prove me wrong. To go home and create, build albums, submit work, get published, be part of a DT. Do more to achieve my goals. Maybe finishing my layout tonight will help me decide. I wish I wasn’t so indecisive.

23 August 2006

I have discovered Bloglines

I have discovered Bloglines and now have 106 feeds!  And I’m sure this will go up!  I will be back later

21 August 2006

My virtual shopping basket!

I'd be so chuffed if I could actually buy any of this but I can't, but a girl can dream!
Making Memories have quite a few bits I fancy including:
Vintage Hip, paisley and spots, yum!
Simply Fabulous, more paisley!
Textured Tape, because I can think of a million things to do with it!
Daisy D's stuff in my virtual basket:
Gypsy Harvest Collection, I love all of this range
Girlfriends Collection, in particular:
Girlfriends Stripe - Lime Multi
Damask - Sangria Lime
Girlfriends Scroll - Lime
Medallion - Ocean Lime
Girlfriends Scroll - Passion Pink
Girlfriends Stripe - Lime
Girlfriend Stripe - Passion Pink

Lullaby Collection, all of it especially all the spots!!
Hambly Screen Prints for the gorgeous colours and patterns!
Gorgeous American Crafts papers:
The Goods

Then some Cosmo Cricket, from Box Room Booty. I especially like the Wanted Collection.
From 7Gypsies:
Letters Flashcards 97% Complete Tags
Naked Bracelette
Naked Charm Square

I enjoyed my virtual shopping, I may have to pretend shop again sometime!

Virtual Shopping

I’ve decided that today I will be doing some virtual shopping, so I will be back later with my purchases!  They may be big or they may be small but who knows!!!!


Over and out


20 August 2006

Nothing much really

Not much to report really! Just got back from cooking 3kg of Bacon in a frying pan big enough for 4 rashers at a time!

I want to say a big congrats to Anam, lots of fantastic news for her this week!

And just a picture of Penny and Rosco getting on well together, and her and Murray are making progress!

16 August 2006

Pub Calls

Pub Calls

15 August 2006

Me again!

A quiet weekend for us really, I tried to take part in a CC without much success to be honest but I did get one digi layout done and I have a Paper one nearly finished!  Other news is that Lushie has her new site up and running and there is some seriously gorgeous jewellery on there!  If you want a gander the site is here www.astringofbeads.co.uk.  I am still using my blog as an ongoing to do list.  I have no idea if it is making me more organised or not really, but I’ll keep doing it for a bit!

1.       Ann(i)e’s challenge.

2.       Make new Blog Banner.

3.       Make effort to comment on blogs, not just read – getting there slowly!

4.       Deliver Avon, one down, one to go.

5.       Tidy scraps.

6.       2nd of Ann(i)e’s challenge.

7.       Take photo of Rosco – from behind.

8.       Walk ferrets.

9.       Find other 4mm knitting needle, it may be lost forever.

10.   Find better container for knitting needles, or make a case.

11.    Check for DT calls.

12.    Check for Magazine Submissions.

13.    Paperwork.

14.    Make some row markers.

15.    Check Freestyle Blog.

16.    3rd of Ann(i)e’s Challenge.

17.    Tidy up links on blog.

18.    Sort out beads, sell some, offer some up for swap/ RAK.

19.    Try and find longer cable for internet so we can move computer into kitchen.




10 August 2006

Another Update

My Basic Grey 6x6 pads are at home waiting for me, I can’t wait to see them IRL!  I ordered them from A Trip Down Memory Lane and I have to say the service is FAB!!  When I have some pennies I will certainly be using them again!  I haven’t had new paper since January time when I bought some of the last Basic Grey Releases.  I forgot to do the Dares first challenge, it completely went out of my mind when I went to Stitch and Bitch last night!  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go again as they have decided to close Borders early and therefore Starbucks, so now they will be closing Starbucks at 8.30pm, as I don’t’ get there much before 8.15pm it’s going to be a bit pointless going.  I have developed Startitus, I keep starting stuff but not much is getting finished, I also seem to have a collection of stuff which isn’t quite right, like I bought 2.5mm circular needles but they need to be shorter and 5mm, whoops.  Still things on the list to do, and probably more to add.  I’m sitting here this afternoon, so tired and sleepy, I just want to go home and curl up and have a doze.  Only 2 & a bit hours and hopefully I can!

1.       Finish CJ to post off (late) for first posting!

2.      Ann(i)e’s challenge.

3.      The Dares first challenge for August.

4.      Last round layouts for the comp.

5.      Post Circle Journal.

6.      Make new Blog Banner.

7.      Make effort to comment on blogs, not just read.

8.      Deliver Avon, one down, one to go.

9.      Tidy scraps.

10.   Iron work blouse.

11.   2nd of Ann(i)e’s challenge.

12.   Take photos of the ferrets.

13.   Take photo of Rosco – from behind.

14.   Walk ferrets.

15.   Find other 4mm knitting needle, it may be lost forever.

16.   Find better container for knitting needles, or make a case.

17.   Check for DT calls.

18.   Check for Magazine Submissions.

19.   Paperwork.

20.  Make some row markers.

21.   Check Freestyle Blog


As I am now just waffling on I think I will go, I may be back later with picture of Basic Grey gorgeousness!  

08 August 2006


Well I thought I would update my To-Do list!  I got some of the bits from the weekend done, but not all!  Tonight/ today’s to-dos are in Pink!


  1. Finish CJ to post off (late) for first posting!
  2. Ann(i)e’s challenge.
  3. The Dares first challenge for August.
  4. Last round layouts for the comp.
  5. Post Circle Journal.
  6. Make new Blog Banner.
  7. Make effort to comment on blogs, not just read.
  8. Deliver Avon.
  9. Tidy scraps.
  10. Iron work blouse.
  11. 2nd of Ann(i)e’s challenge.
  12. Take photos of the ferrets.
  13. Take photo of Rosco – from behind.
  14. Walk ferrets.
  15. Find other 4mm knitting needle.
  16. Find better container for knitting needles.
  17. Check for DT calls.
  18. Check for Mag Submissions.


I’ll probably think of more later!







04 August 2006

Another Challenge!

Now I love a challenge, of course I never have enough time to do them all but this one I really wanna do! Ann(i)e has put this up on her blog, and took the time to comment here to tell me about it too! I can't wait of course my list of scrapping to do this weekend is slightly long! Which is just as well Royston is working so I can get on with some of it!

  1. Finish CJ to post off (late) for first posting!
  2. Ann(i)e's challenge.
  3. The Dares first challenge for August.
  4. Last round layouts for the comp.

Then of course all the other usual weekend stuff!
Off to procrastinate - Ciao fellow bloggers!

I leave you with doggy eye candy, taken a couple of months ago!

02 August 2006

Just to share

My week 3 comp entry!

01 August 2006

A post from the other week

Just appeared as today's post, which I haven't done yet! Most confusing!!


30 July 2006

He is home

Safe and sound! He got locked in a garage, he finally made enough noise tonight for us to hear him.

Now we've just got to cope with the hissing between him and new kitten, Penelope!


Please come home!

Silly cat has been missing since around 8pm on Friday night. We have dropped leaflets asking people to check sheds etc. I think he may be in the house they are building behind us, so I think I will see if I can find out who is building it to open it up.

28 July 2006

I think I need

A new banner.
I also need to not feel crap! Sitting here feeling sorry for myself, unable to move but from computer. Want to sleep or scrap. End of self pity post!
I think I will do a new banner later or this weekend.

26 July 2006

Just a couple of layouts!

These are two comp entries!

This is week 1 - using lyrics from Stay by Maddona!

This is week 2 - using lyrics from Wake me up before you go by Wham

21 July 2006

Our furry family!!

The Boys - Jake and Luke

Rosco Dog!!

Phoebe the boys new girlfriend who joined us last week!

Murray looking very grumpy at new arrival!!

Our new arrival - name to be decided!

And there are 4 baby ferrets too, but I haven't taken a photo!

19 July 2006

A little blog keeping is in order

I need to have a little reorganisation of my blog lists, even though I have a huge amount on there I still want to add more!
These are the ones that I am bookmarking here for the time being as I find them. Now all I need to do is find a better way of organising everything!

17 July 2006


What a weekend!  I’m gonna just do the highlights, because I can’t be bothered to type it all out and no one reads the blog anyway LOL! 
First of all, no kitten came home with us on Saturday.  After much confusion the RSPCA have in fact sent the kitten, who picked us and we reserved, to the Isle of Wight.  So because of lack of faith and the staff’s attitude (bar one lady who was lovely) we decided against picking another kitten from them.  That and the fact that they all appear to be poorly at the moment so we would have had to have waited anyway.
We picked up a second hand rabbit hutch and run yesterday for the Ferrets but we need to do some security work on it as I found Jake sleeping on top of it this morning, which is a small concern!  I have no idea when he got out or how far he went, I’m just very grateful he came back!
Yesterday we were helped out immensely by a couple who are complete strangers to us!  Without them our car would probably still be outside their house and we wouldn’t have been able to get to the Cats Protection League to find another kitten!
We have reserved a kitten with the Cats Protection League, she is 13 weeks old and has been spayed already which is a great help to us.  She is a torty, and seems to be a very loud purrer.  They are coming to do a home visit on Thursday so please cross fingers for us that we will be without hic-up and she will be with us on Friday afternoon.
Last night I completed 3 layouts!!  2 for a DT call, which I didn’t get into, I’m not surprised though.  And I done one in under an hour for a competition.  I’ll share them later on! 


This is me trying again!

With the pictures from Friday! I will post again later but for now just a little visual happiness!
I am wanting some of these to use for knitted bag handles!!!
Gorgeous photo turn kits
Stunning papers!
And I found these on 2Peas and quite fancy them!

14 July 2006

7Gypsies Lushness

From Ali Edwards’ Blog this morning I found that 7Gypsies have their new stuff up, I’ll share some of my favourites later! Also on Ali’s Blog was a link to Urban Lily, I am liking their new stuff lots! Later on I will am going to go through the lovely Cath’s Blog entry for CHA and see what else is about.

The Dare this week Rocks! I just need to find a saying that I can actually scrapbook (sorry Mum)! This week(end) I really hope to get loads of scrapping done, I need to! Last night was going to be scrapping night, but by the time I actually sat down (22:45) to eat my dinner I was to whacked to do anything else! Tonight we are out for a meal, and then tomorrow morning we go to pick up the latest addition to our family.
Because I write my posts in a very disjointed, over the day manner and then publish I have just discovered that picking up latest addition to our family may not happen after all, it appears that there is some confusion which we will have to sort out tomorrow when we get there.

I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to blog so here are the photos of 7Gypsies!
I lied - Blogger won't let me upload, so I'll have to do it later!

13 July 2006

Spots before my eyes

At the moment I find myself strangely drawn to any scrapping goodies that are spotty, especially red with white spots or green with white. Making Memories have some lovely papers in their Boho Chic lines, with paisley and spotty ones being my favourites. Also Daisy D’s Lullaby collection has red, blue, green, pink and yellow spots in it! I’m loving these so much! So much in fact I’ll share a pic with you!

I am also drawn to spotty clothes, particulary black and white spots, I wonder if this has some significant or insignificant meaning??

Not much else to tell really, I stood on a staple last night, the sort that goes in a staple gun and it went through a small piece of my toe skin and back out at the top – it now really hurts, I think the salt water will be out later.

Love you and leave you!