16 October 2006

Monday stuff

I have many things I need to do, nothing urgent, but stuff that I’m conscious that I should get on with! Like uploading pictures to various places including: the pad; UKS; 2Peas; Flickr and Slide. I really need to decide where is best for my photos and sort them all out. I am still waiting to be able to transfer to Beta with the ole blog, but even though I check numerous times a day, nothing as yet.

Also when I do upload to
Flickr and Slide I am going to make the effort to look through the stuff on there and comment, it’s a must do.

I received this morning a parcel from the lovely
Jen, including mucho lovely stuff, the highlight is a pair of purple fluffy earmuffs! I’ve wanted earmuffs for ages but haven’t seen any to buy! I will be posing in them later on Dudes! I will take a pic of all my goodies later on the mobile phone camera (batteries are dead in proper one).

Well after
Elaine ran a poll for me my theme for the CJ is “The Wild West”, mmmm, was really excited about it until I started to think what I was going to do and now I have no idea what to do for it! Clare is trying to tempt me to think of another theme! I’ve just been looking for images and came across this http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/vikelly.html, some of these might be some use!

A little window shopping means a little fake wish list! I love window shopping!
Autumn Leaves stuff:
Foof*a*la Savannah Collection
MOD Blackbird
The Look Book
Designing with Colour
Journalling Clear Stamps
All of the doodly stamps on this page
The Foof*a*la kits from this page
The Me Book
Designing with Greetings
Of course this list is just something I’m doing to procrastinate! My moto in life really should be “Why do today what I can put off until next week”

Right I'm off for now, Ciao!


Ann(i)e said...

URGH..I was doing so good until I checked out all those links and now they are on my (not fake enough) wish list!!!
Still waiting on directions to Norwich to let you know exactly where....

Deborah Duck said...

The only thing I have on your fake wish list is Designing with Greetings, and it's a must Shelley, fab fab fab book, I love it!

Just need to find someone who has a new puppy now so I can make the welcome to your new puppy card!