07 October 2006


So I keep saying that I will get better at updating this but you know how it is! Currently sat here keeping myself occupied while I wait for a drunk Royston to return home at some point, he doesn't have any keys!

Not much been going on! I registered for Skype tonight, so tomorrow I will hopfully go and get a phone for it, and then I need to convince Mum to sign up for it! Been knitting a little bit, mostly for our Big Knit Out - details are here http://www.nationalknittingweek.com/events.asp#Wales. Not much else to tell I'm afraid, thought I'd better just let you all know that I haven't dropped off Wales!

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Ann(i)e said...

WOW< that bag is amazing...i WANT IT, I NEED IT!!!! It's so beautiful. I dream of being able to do that, but alas, I feel pretty sure it's not in the cards for me!!
Email if you still want the details of the teaching venue in Norwich....is that near you?? If so, you must come!!