31 October 2006

Happy Halloween

Mmm, yum, I want some Aran Silk from Hip Knits, it can be found here! I would only need 200g to knit myself a cowl, I reckon anyway! Well today is Halloween (duh, you all know that) and we have not done a thing for it, we promised ourselves that we would carve pumpkins again but we haven’t gotten round to that! Must get some sweets tonight in case we get any trick or treaters at the door, if not we can always eat it ourselves! I also nnnneeeeed batteries for the camera, I’m hoping I’ll get time for a quick layout for a call I’ve seen, but the deadline is tonight and we are off out for a meal with the out-laws. I have been blog surfing today and came across this little beauty - http://marah_johnson.typepad.com/random/2006/10/sweetpeas_snaps.html, I want one!
In other news I am off to Stitch and Bitch tomorrow evening and I am getting a little excited to say the least, sad I know! When I am at Borders I am hoping to pick up a book or two to help me with my little venture I have planned!

Ciao fellow paper and yarn lovers

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