11 September 2006


A quiet weekend here, not much doing at all really. I sorted out my ribbons onto cards and have put them in a basket so I can see what I have of what colours, hopefully meaning I use them more. By doing this I have realised that I don’t’ have as much ribbon as I thought I did and that I don’t have as much colourful, exciting ribbon as I thought I did! I’ll take a picture later!

I’ve been blog browsing today and have spotted these bags! How cute, I saw them here! There is really not much else to tell, I have a few things to get on with scrapping wise this week but how much I manage to do remains to be seen. Need to move some bits around in the house before parents arrive for visit next week. Also once the furnitre has been moved around I can have yet another tidy up upstairs and move about and chuck stuff out – you get the picture!

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Cath said...

Please come sort my ribbon out, it's a mess!