02 November 2006

No Where Fast

Is my progress today in work. Sigh. Has been the same since Tuesday.

Knitting is also no progress, in fact less progress as I dropped a stitch and ended up having to pull out the scarf I had made good headway on. Sigh.

36 minutes and I will be leaving work to hopefully make more progress on stuff at home, anything, don't care what. Looking forward to a nice relaxing bath tonight to try and warm up. Need to start CJ too, panic!

1 comment:

Paula said...

I think the cold weather is causing us all to lose the ability to wokr on anything. My fingers get cold just typing on the computer... Hot bath sounds good & perhaps you will get some inspiration for the CJ. I like the sound of it, gypsy/romany very lace covered, buttoned & knits,caravans & ..oh I'm thinking of the book Kizzy!!!!