04 August 2006

Another Challenge!

Now I love a challenge, of course I never have enough time to do them all but this one I really wanna do! Ann(i)e has put this up on her blog, and took the time to comment here to tell me about it too! I can't wait of course my list of scrapping to do this weekend is slightly long! Which is just as well Royston is working so I can get on with some of it!

  1. Finish CJ to post off (late) for first posting!
  2. Ann(i)e's challenge.
  3. The Dares first challenge for August.
  4. Last round layouts for the comp.

Then of course all the other usual weekend stuff!
Off to procrastinate - Ciao fellow bloggers!

I leave you with doggy eye candy, taken a couple of months ago!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Good luck getting all that done :) I am slowly working my way though LOL