15 August 2006

Me again!

A quiet weekend for us really, I tried to take part in a CC without much success to be honest but I did get one digi layout done and I have a Paper one nearly finished!  Other news is that Lushie has her new site up and running and there is some seriously gorgeous jewellery on there!  If you want a gander the site is here www.astringofbeads.co.uk.  I am still using my blog as an ongoing to do list.  I have no idea if it is making me more organised or not really, but I’ll keep doing it for a bit!

1.       Ann(i)e’s challenge.

2.       Make new Blog Banner.

3.       Make effort to comment on blogs, not just read – getting there slowly!

4.       Deliver Avon, one down, one to go.

5.       Tidy scraps.

6.       2nd of Ann(i)e’s challenge.

7.       Take photo of Rosco – from behind.

8.       Walk ferrets.

9.       Find other 4mm knitting needle, it may be lost forever.

10.   Find better container for knitting needles, or make a case.

11.    Check for DT calls.

12.    Check for Magazine Submissions.

13.    Paperwork.

14.    Make some row markers.

15.    Check Freestyle Blog.

16.    3rd of Ann(i)e’s Challenge.

17.    Tidy up links on blog.

18.    Sort out beads, sell some, offer some up for swap/ RAK.

19.    Try and find longer cable for internet so we can move computer into kitchen.




1 comment:

Sue said...

((hugs)) Not sure lists are such a good idea hun..Yours is too long . You need something that is not so overwhelming so it leaves space for FUN :) :)
Do two today and then leave it. If i wrote mine , it would be pages long LOL.