24 August 2006

Nothing much to report here

We are hoping to do a carboot on Sunday, purge stuff and keep my eyes peeled for some bargains. On the list of things to look for are: wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, old patterns, storage bits, buttons, old jewellery, beads and the like. On Saturday I am going to go through my craft bits and be strong! Hopefully I can get the computer moved over to the kitchen real soon and then the desk can go up into the scraproom, which will hopefully give me somewhere to use my sewing machine! Then hopefully I will have enough room for my blanket box and chair under the stairs. I am going to move my knitting and beading into the Blanket box as I usually do these downstairs anyway!

Tonight I am hoping to finish off my contest layout which is due in tomorrow! I just need to think of a title and then a last few finishing touches. I also need to finish up a circle journal entry, which I think I need a photo for and have no ink in the printer – whoops!

Today though I can’t really make up my mind what sort of frame of mind I am in. Part of me is disillusioned with scrapping, that I’m not that talented and there isn’t any point to it all. The other part of me wants to prove me wrong. To go home and create, build albums, submit work, get published, be part of a DT. Do more to achieve my goals. Maybe finishing my layout tonight will help me decide. I wish I wasn’t so indecisive.


joanna said...

Don't give up, Shell - I find that having a break from it sometimes works wonders, or having a really good trawl through some online galleries, or magazines for some inspiration. I haven't scrapped for ages, but I'm getting the urge again!! On a different note, do you ever find fabric at car boot sales?

Anonymous said...

Oh Shell. {{{hugs}}} I came scurrying over from the pad when I read your post. You cannot give up ... you is my teacher LOL. The LOs I did with you were superb and you are so patient and so much fun too. We all go through times likes this. Have you thought of just doing a different style to just to kickstart you up again? I've been looking at the clean and simple styles and wondering if that will get me back into scrapping. I shall be keeping an eye on you my little friend and shall come over and smack your botty if you even dare to give up. Have fun at the bootie and I wish you luck in finding some "treasures". Oh I have rattled on!! Love Boo xxxx

Sue said...

Ditto Boo..What would I do without you !!!
Don't you DARE missy.
Have fun at the boot sale ((hug))

Anam said...

do not give up - i love your work - we all go through these lulls but please come through the other end.

why not do a page about your knitting :)

pawlet said...

You are so talented, Shell consider this a kick up the whatnot from your Mum hugs and kisses