08 August 2006


Well I thought I would update my To-Do list!  I got some of the bits from the weekend done, but not all!  Tonight/ today’s to-dos are in Pink!


  1. Finish CJ to post off (late) for first posting!
  2. Ann(i)e’s challenge.
  3. The Dares first challenge for August.
  4. Last round layouts for the comp.
  5. Post Circle Journal.
  6. Make new Blog Banner.
  7. Make effort to comment on blogs, not just read.
  8. Deliver Avon.
  9. Tidy scraps.
  10. Iron work blouse.
  11. 2nd of Ann(i)e’s challenge.
  12. Take photos of the ferrets.
  13. Take photo of Rosco – from behind.
  14. Walk ferrets.
  15. Find other 4mm knitting needle.
  16. Find better container for knitting needles.
  17. Check for DT calls.
  18. Check for Mag Submissions.


I’ll probably think of more later!







1 comment:

Sue said...

Hope you get them done ! LOL I have a list like that ..been ticking them off as i go along..unfortunately none of them involve scrapping and thats all i have done so far!!!