14 July 2006

7Gypsies Lushness

From Ali Edwards’ Blog this morning I found that 7Gypsies have their new stuff up, I’ll share some of my favourites later! Also on Ali’s Blog was a link to Urban Lily, I am liking their new stuff lots! Later on I will am going to go through the lovely Cath’s Blog entry for CHA and see what else is about.

The Dare this week Rocks! I just need to find a saying that I can actually scrapbook (sorry Mum)! This week(end) I really hope to get loads of scrapping done, I need to! Last night was going to be scrapping night, but by the time I actually sat down (22:45) to eat my dinner I was to whacked to do anything else! Tonight we are out for a meal, and then tomorrow morning we go to pick up the latest addition to our family.
Because I write my posts in a very disjointed, over the day manner and then publish I have just discovered that picking up latest addition to our family may not happen after all, it appears that there is some confusion which we will have to sort out tomorrow when we get there.

I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to blog so here are the photos of 7Gypsies!
I lied - Blogger won't let me upload, so I'll have to do it later!

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