10 July 2006

Friday wasn't any better...

In fact it was much, much worse.  As you may or may not have guessed from Saturday’s post that Sally-Ann is no longer with us.  She was killed instantly on Friday when she ran out in front of a car.  We are taking it hard.  I just can’t get my head round what we could have done to have warranted losing her.  I am definitely having a crisis of beliefs at the moment, how can I believe in Karma when I just can’t work out what I have done that is so bad.
Today I am in work putting together an Ikea cupboard and starting to struggle, it’s hard work for one girly to put together on her own.  I’ve been told I can’t ask Royston in to help me because of insurance, but then I shouldn’t be putting it together and lifting it really.  I know I’ve pulled my back again doing it, and I’m only about half way there.  Then I still have stationery and the room to tidy up today as well.  Oh well at least I’m busy keeping my mind off things.  

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