02 July 2006

Sunday witterings

I thought I'd pop on to post but I don't really know what to share!
First thing would be I've dyed my hair a fiery shade of orange, wonder what work will say tomorrow! I've decided that I can't cope with the Rowan bag I was knitting having a flat bit down one side so I'm looking for something else to knit with 3 balls of Big Wool, any suggestions? I like the idea of leg warmers but if I don't wear them they'll be an expensive knitting practice exercise. We borrowed a paddling pool for the ferrets today, they don't like swimming so that was a wet wriggly experience! I picked up the beret I was knitting again yesterday and true to form done something wrong and have had to pull it out to start again! Oh well I think I'll go scrap!

1 comment:

lyzzydee said...

I like your orange hair !!!