03 July 2006

Nothing to report

I thought I’d share what little I have to report! I’ve had to cancel my place at the Emily Falconbridge workshop, not because it’s moved but because my parents will be visiting over that weekend. Don’t get me wrong I’d much rather spend the time with them, but originally I thought I’d get to do both! Mind you we are now going to the Red Bull Air Grand Prix which looks as if it will be exciting; Royston was very chuffed as it seems it is quite hard to get tickets. I am hoping that my Avon will turn up today, it is very late and my customers are wondering where it has gotten to, and also I have my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery of my new books and album, mind you I don’t think they’ll fit through the letter box so it’ll be a trip to the PO in the morning to collect! Online yesterday whilst looking for something to knit with my big wool I spotted this pattern for a corset type belt called Wanda from the Rowan Big Just Got Bigger book, I really want a collection of nice books with some unusual patterns in them and the Rowan ones seem to look the best, online anyway. Anyway ciao for now, blogettes!

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