21 December 2006

I’ve sooo been MIA! Not much to report to be honest, still no connection at home and to be honest I’m so busy I really don’t need the distraction of it in the evenings. I am so unprepared for Christmas that I think my head might burst at any point, I can’t even say I’m looking forward to it, just to much to do still. Knitting to be done, cards to write, presents to buy (when???), food to buy, things to do that I’ve forgotten about!

I am now disappearing so this is to say

Enjoy the Festive season and what it means to you! Have a fab New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hapy holidays to you sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you Shell - I think you need to chill a little in the New Year, or you might just explode!