02 February 2008


I'm sitting here looking through Etsy at yarn I am not allowed to buy, which is daft because I'm not allowed to buy any, I should be knitting birthday socks or having a bath or making some tea. I have added a lot of yarn and sellers to my favourites though. Here is a sample for you

Buy Handmade

I had a whole lot of stuff to talk about but I am full of cold and cold medication which has rendered me fairly useless to be honest. My Father-not-in-law did come over this morning to help me paint our hallway, which when we moved in was white and lilac, we have painted it a sort of coffee colour which is much warmer and more practical when you have 2 dogs. Right I'm off to go do something, have a bath I think before I make tea and settle down to knit these socks!

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