09 January 2008

Well that's another Christmas and New Year over with, we did have a lovely time, if a little busy and I was a lucky girl again this year.
Next year I am determined to get it all done early, I know I said that 12 months ago but having to move didn't really help last year. More handmade gifts will be happening next year as well. Not as a cost issue but in order to gain a less commercialised Christmas, I like the thought of giving people handmade gifts, something I have put time and effort into.

I'm not really into the whole resolution thing but this year we are planning on more proper home cooked meals, and healthier ones at that. I also want to spend more time crafting this year, getting back to scrapbooking and embroidery and sewing. I really want to get some things done to sell in the Etsy shop, ideas gratefully welcomed!

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