10 December 2007


I wish I wasn't full of regret today but I am.

I regret that I hadn't spoken to him in such a long time; that I never told him what a great friend he was; that I never told him he always cheered me up when I spoke to him; that I never told him how much I admired his ability to keep going now matter what crap was thrown at him; but most of all that I never told him that I was proud of him for all those things.

I always thought he'd be there. I thought I'd get to see him and catch up when I went home just before Christmas.

I've lit two candles today one for my great friend Stephen and one for my other friend Jan, you will both be missed by all who knew you.


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lyzzydee said...

I am sorry for your loss, I think of Jan often and to lose another friend must be unbearable