10 May 2006

For the love of Sheep

I managed to drop a stitch this morning whilst knitting on the way to work, tried to pick it up and ended up dropping another one, Royston was rushing me out of the car so the glove is in the bottom of a bag half pulled out. If it weren't for the fact that I've already knitted one I think I'd put these on hold for a bit - back to the beginning tonight again then.
I didn't manage to do any Scrapbooking last night at all - in fact I don't really know what happened to last night it seemed to disappear before my eyes! Took the dog down the beach for a quick run around as he loves the sea - now have sand and dog hair all over the house.
I hope it brightens up at lunch time so I can go sit outside and knit, there isn't enough room usually for me in the canteen at the time I go so it means I tend to spend most of my lunch wondering what I can do. Must remember to get more Sticky notes out of the stationary cabinet though as I am out of them!
Just come back from a Reception meeting, we have to do our KPI's for Monday and work on the new Reception should start on Thursday - YAY!
OK so this was yesterday's post, I woke up in the middle of the night realising that I hadn't emailed this off yesterday!
Have finished the rib again for the glove which is the longest part! Should be finished tonight, I was going to Stitch and Bitch this evening but more car problems mean I can't! Oh well, at least I'll see the apprentice now.
Catch you later peeps!

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