18 May 2006

Slightly Bad Blogger

Combined with feeling grotty all week and not really having much to post about I've been a little slack

Have made a start on a handbag in my lovely Colinette Wigwam – making the pattern up as I go along so should be fun, I hope I have enough yarn.

Tonight I am hoping to get upstairs and have a small tidy, and do some ATCs for a swap I’m in – I opted for just 6 in an effort to be sensible! I also have wool to untangle, my Mum gave me some lovely wool when I went home to knit for a throw. I did make a start but the wool is tangling as I knit, last night I sat down to ball them all up and ended up with one big infuriating knot.

In other news I think I’ve upset someone but I can’t be sure and I have no idea how. It’s not someone I know IRL so this of course makes it even harder for me to work out. Because I am a slightly sensitive soul I am now worried that I have done or said something to cause offence to her and maybe others. I’m kinda thinking that I should assume I have and slink off quietly. I just wish I knew if I had – If I have upset you please let me know, I can’t do anything if I don’t know about it.

Well back from Lunch now – head hurts immensely. Better get on with my stationery order so someone else can order something 2 seconds after I finish it!

Edited to make sense!

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