29 October 2007

No internet at home...

Makes for very little blogging opportunity.  The order has been placed, just waiting for the router and activation date.  I hope it is all up and running by Thursday, which is unlikely, as I have signed up for NaBloPoMo.  I think the first few posts are going to be short and sweet! 
I'm on a total wool buying ban at the moment, until I can shut the lid on the blanket box that most of my yarn is kept in.  I will need some more colours for the mitered blanket which I have picked back up again but I will make a dent on the colours I have here already. 
I've managed to knit a sock!!  Yay!!  Now I need to knit another one which I plan on casting on for this week. 
I also need to start knitting for our S&B charity event, I think I'll start with legwarmers, not sure yet though.  The Karlchen hat I knitted may go in the pile as it's a bit small for me (large head, lot of hair).

07 October 2007

Can I just get in a box?

Just popping on here quickly inbetween packing the craft room and going out to walk the dogs. I've got to the stage now of just chucking stuff in boxes and not being able to move for bloody boxes. After walking the dogs will be more packing of craft room, I'm tempted to throw it all away and pretend I never saw it! Then I have the rest of the house to make a start on and also the painting to finish at the new place. We went over yesterday and put a coat on the hallway and the lounge, the hallway will get it's top coat of magnolia after we've moved in just in case the walls get marked. The lounge needs to be finished this week though before D day on Friday. I hate moving!