10 January 2007

I keep writing about posts at home and then don’t get round to actually putting them online! So this is my 4th attempt since Christmas, of course I can’t remember any of the stuff I wanted to post about now. I have decided to changed the name of the blog to “Shell Bean coming round the mountain…” courtesy of Jo, thanks hunny!!!! I decided that a change was needed as my scrapping has diminished quite a bit lately; in fact I’m only doing CJ’s at the moment. I do need to get back into it as I have a page to do! Before I can do anything I need to clear a space on the desk that is bigger than a five pence piece! All of my Christmas knitting was completed and seemed to be liked by all the recipients, I was hoping to take pictures of them but I ran out of time I’m afraid. Of course I know need to make myself a new banner which I will try and do over the weekend, no promises though! In an effort to push myself creativitly and also because I love colour I have signed up for Project Spectrum, I love the idea of this because I’m not limited to one type of craft, so I can pick and chose. Can’t wait to get started now. On the needles at the moment I have a beret knitted in Sirdar Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran in Vintage Red , this wool is fantastic to knit with, I can see me saving up for a bit more of it! Well I haven’t finished what I wanted to say but my time online for today is running out so I will publish to here and continue as soon as life allows!


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