10 July 2007

Let me try again!

I did start a post last night but I got about 3 words in and gave up, too many distractions and questions etc.

We start puppy classes with Alfie tomorrow night, this one is going to be hard work! We were blessed with Rosco, whilst he had he fair share of naughty moments he was for the most part good and easy to train (to be fair he pretty much trained himself). Alfie isn't exceptionally naughty he's just very busy and quick, he does sit for you but by the time you've gotten the biscuit out to reward him he's gone again. His new nickname is little shit because he has just got mischief written all over him and he knows he is adorable.

I had a lovely weekend, Saturday involved sitting outside in the sun (don't faint we did have some) drinking coffee and knitting and then a pleasant walk on Llanelli beach with the dogs, where they can run and play to their hearts content. Sunday involved housework, but we did manage to mend the washing machine, I didn't think I'd be so happy to hear that thing going in the evenings.

In knitting news the Summertime tunic is back on the needles, new ones at that, in the new blue yarn from Loop. I got myself some Emily in Blessed from Posh Yarn this week, my first 2 choices where gone, but I am excitedly awaiting this package of gorgeousness! I also managed
to score 2 bargains on ebay, the first being some Louisa Harding, Nautical Cotton in black and the second being some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in purple. I am quite fancying some Ophelia from Hipknits particulary in the Sunrise colour way, but first I need to actually knit one pair of socks before I buy anymore sock yarn!

I'm off to do a little more blog surfing and then a little more knitting of the tunic methinks

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Anonymous said...


i noticed that you have taken alfie to puppy classes and whilst i realise that the blog was posted in 2007, would you mind telling me where you took alfie as my husband and i have just bought a puppy and need to get him (boston) into a puppy school asap. your help would be much appreciated.

jane (llanelli area)