01 September 2007

I finally took the plunge and ordered the Knit Picks options set from Get Knitted, along with some extra cables and a fixed 2.5 mm circular so I can try magic loop for some socks. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived yesterday and even more pleasantly surprised when I started to knit with them. They are lovely, anyone who has seem me knit will know that I always seem to knit on a circular needle, always a Addi Turbo or a Lace Addi. I've been knitting My So Called Scarf on a pair of plastic straights much to the amusement of certain friends at S&B, I look like an idiot knitting with them!

I've started doing some ironing as I realised at 11.15 am that I really should get out of my PJs so when R gets home I don't end up with the question about what I've been doing all morning.

Tomorrow I am off to help my friend out with a Wedding Fare so will be up early for a long day on my feet, they'd better be coffee that's all I'm saying!

Well I suppose I'd better go and get on with the ironing and if the sun comes out later I can take some pictures of my WIPs for Ravely and the blog. When we went home my Mum kindly ripped my Summertime Tunic to past the ribbing so I could try and rectify the problem but I've done 3 rows of the second attempt and it looks as if I'll have the same problem, I'm at a loss. I don't know whether to carry on and hope it looks ok, which I don't think it will or to tink it back past the ribbing again and try doing a twisted rib to see if that pulls in on the right side.

I think I'll put the kettle on for another coffee and then do some more ironing.


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