20 September 2007

Busy busy busy

Busy trying to find a new home, long story, sorry can't be bothered to go into it. It's not going well really, 2 cats and 2 dogs and room for 6 ferrets in the garden make it hard to find somewhere.

Busy doing stuff on Ravelry and trying to be helpful.

Busy in work doing transport admin type stuff or job as it's otherwise known.

Busy sorting stuff and packing, see point 1.

Busy trying to fit in bits of knitting when I can.

Busy thinking about very short break with my parents on the weekend in the Cotswolds.

Not so busy updating the blog or taking photos, the 2 things I really wanted to improve on.

01 September 2007

I finally took the plunge and ordered the Knit Picks options set from Get Knitted, along with some extra cables and a fixed 2.5 mm circular so I can try magic loop for some socks. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived yesterday and even more pleasantly surprised when I started to knit with them. They are lovely, anyone who has seem me knit will know that I always seem to knit on a circular needle, always a Addi Turbo or a Lace Addi. I've been knitting My So Called Scarf on a pair of plastic straights much to the amusement of certain friends at S&B, I look like an idiot knitting with them!

I've started doing some ironing as I realised at 11.15 am that I really should get out of my PJs so when R gets home I don't end up with the question about what I've been doing all morning.

Tomorrow I am off to help my friend out with a Wedding Fare so will be up early for a long day on my feet, they'd better be coffee that's all I'm saying!

Well I suppose I'd better go and get on with the ironing and if the sun comes out later I can take some pictures of my WIPs for Ravely and the blog. When we went home my Mum kindly ripped my Summertime Tunic to past the ribbing so I could try and rectify the problem but I've done 3 rows of the second attempt and it looks as if I'll have the same problem, I'm at a loss. I don't know whether to carry on and hope it looks ok, which I don't think it will or to tink it back past the ribbing again and try doing a twisted rib to see if that pulls in on the right side.

I think I'll put the kettle on for another coffee and then do some more ironing.