28 September 2006

I finished it!

This post is mainly for Mum! So she can see the bag, thanks for your help Mum! Oh BTW it came up about half the height!

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I forgot!

To say that I have been very naughty and order some papers from Banana Frog! I ordered some Rouge de Garance papers which are totally yummy, fab quality! I picked the Fleur de Chine set and some other random papers! Can’t wait to create something with them! The bag has been stitched up but not felted as yet! Maybe tonight! My website of inspiration today is http://thegreenfrogstudio.typepad.com/ so that is where I am off to!


27 September 2006

I will get better...

I promise!

Well no blogging since the 11th, and now of course I can’t remember what on earth I was going to blog about! Parents have been down for a visit, so have been visiting various places around South Wales, including 4 electrical shops and several coffee providing establishments! I was treated to 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya and a ball of Rowan Tapestry from Mrs Macs and a MP3 player! Yesterday I went to The Wool Shop which is new to me! Treated myself to 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Soho and a ball of Jaeger Odessa for a Christmas pressie scarf! I am nearly finished knitting up the 3 balls of big wool into a clutch type bag for felting – I have no idea how it’s going to turn out as the pattern is a make it up as you go along effort from me and Mum, no I trust my Mum’s make it up skills but I’m not so sure about mine. Wish me luck for impending felting session! Tonight I need to do the hovering and then get on with my DT call stuff! I should be going to knitting but as I was out last night meeting the lovely Ginger I don’t know whether I will, also loads to do at home anyway! And Royston rung to say that after he’s picked me up we are heading back up the unit so that’ll take up a bit of time. I’d better be off so I’ll catch you later peeps!

11 September 2006

2996 Project

I haven’t read the 2996 project because the site appears to be down, but I think I’ve got the gist of things. Here is my tribute

Michael Cammarata, 22, Huguenot, N.Y

I sit here 5 years on thinking about what to write about a man I never met. A man that after I have read the tributes to him, I can see was loving, kind, caring, determined and brave. A man that was and still is a credit to his family, loved by many, never forgotten.

Michael was nine weeks into a 14 week programme with Engine 28, Ladder 11, Manhattan. He was described as “athletically gifted” and enjoyed and excelled at sports from a very young age. Michael had wanted to be a fire fighter since the age of 7, a dream realised when he achieved a perfect score on the FDNY exam. The day after the attacks his brother Joseph found a letter of what to should the worst happen – “Don’t Mourn Me”. I was going to write more but instead have left just a few of the links I found for Michael for you to read the heartfelt words left by family, friends and strangers alike.

May you rest in peace Michael. And that your loved ones are reunited someday with “the face”.









A quiet weekend here, not much doing at all really. I sorted out my ribbons onto cards and have put them in a basket so I can see what I have of what colours, hopefully meaning I use them more. By doing this I have realised that I don’t’ have as much ribbon as I thought I did and that I don’t have as much colourful, exciting ribbon as I thought I did! I’ll take a picture later!

I’ve been blog browsing today and have spotted these bags! How cute, I saw them here! There is really not much else to tell, I have a few things to get on with scrapping wise this week but how much I manage to do remains to be seen. Need to move some bits around in the house before parents arrive for visit next week. Also once the furnitre has been moved around I can have yet another tidy up upstairs and move about and chuck stuff out – you get the picture!

10 September 2006

07 September 2006


I’ve been slacking on the blog front, no particular reason just have been. Of course now I have to try and remember what I have done to blog about!

On Saturday we went to the Red Bull Air Race at Longleat, unfortunately because of the wind they had to cancel it! So a very long day due to lack of organisation when getting out of field it took a very long time to get home! It would have been a brilliant day with lots of fab photo opportunities but never mind. I did take some photos but Royston is in possession of the camera so I haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.

Mmm what else? Not much to be fair, whilst in the car on Saturday I started knitting myself a scarf using my rather fabulous 1 skein of Giotto by Colinette and last night I finished it!! Just got to trim the ends and give it a quick press with the iron, it is all colourful and beautiful!

Last night I mooched down to Starbucks for Stitch and Bitch and in the interest of cheapness, trying new stuff and less coffee I thought I’d try the tea. Tazo Chai is yummy, not so keen on the Citron to be fair! Of course I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee wishing I had a little Chai right now, I can’t even go looking for any at lunch time as Royston has the car today.

I have made myself a knit tin to store little bits of knitty and crochet info, and also filed all my printed patterns into a folder. I also made myself an album for 6x12 layouts which I fancy having a go at but have now realised that I could really do with some 6x12 page protectors so if anyone knows where I can get some please, please, please let me know. Tonight I may finish my bracelet that I started a few weeks ago, not much left to do before it’s finished. Then I need to make a Birthday card and present for next Friday. I also have a few scrapping things to do and I need to make a start on some bits for the Big Knit Out, our Stitch and Bitch National Knitting Week fundraiser for Breast Cancer, so cheeky mode here if anyone would like to donate pink, white, cream or lilac wool to our cause drop me a line!

Anyhoo I’m off like a smelly cheese folks – catch you later!

01 September 2006

I will blog again later

But in the meantime please go look here


For a very good cause!