05 May 2009

I need to get better at this

Well I'm really not doing very well at blogging at the moment am I? I've been busy here, knitting, spinning, building a veg patch, collecting community compost for the veg patch, working, getting tattooed, dyeing yarn and fibre, going to Wonderwool Wales, etc etc etc. You get the picture.

I've left it so long that I don't even know where to start, Royston lost his job at the beginning of January and of course hasn't managed to find anything else. The amount of people applying for each job is scary but I shall leave this topic along for fear of stepping on a political and societal soap box ;-) which of course if you know my IRL you will have heard.

We currently have a cat with cystitis which is not fun, as we start to make progress things go back to bad. We told the vet this morning that she seemed better and now tonight she is trying to wee in places she shouldn't. Does anyone know anything about this? Can a change in cat litter bring it on? Bach flower remedies spring to mind, but I need to check with the vet.

I saved my birthday money for Wonderwool so I ended up with some nice goodies, including Alpaca, some gorgeous Falkland from Spindlefrog, she also gave me a wonderful gift to replace my spinners swap parcel that Royal mail have eaten, I have got as far as the sock yarn which is Superwash Merino and is knitting into the most gorgeous socks. I also bought some Landscape dyes which I have had a little play with and am hoping to play some more tomorrow (fingers crossed). I also sold my Haldane spinning wheel to make some dosh for the flyers I wanted for the Sonata, and also so she would go to someone who would love and use her. I'm not saying I didn't love her, I did dearly, but I hadn't used her since getting the Sonata at Christmas.

Well fingers crossed I will manage to post again this week and maybe with photos!

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lyzzydee said...

Well Ihave wondered where you have been!!