17 May 2009

A small improvement

Well I've managed to blog twice in one month, that's got to be an improvement.

It won't be a long one unfortunately as I've not long sat down from dyeing fibre and some yarn for the shop and the bed still needs a change of sheets, it's an exciting life huh?

I did manage to get the fibre I dyed the other week all uploaded into the shop this morning.

17.05.09 - Update (by shellbean)

These aren't the best photos I've taken but I ended up taking them one evening as the light faded. The next update should contain some Falkland, though not as much as planned as the order was a little light and I may be keeping some back, and some Blue Faced Leicester as I will be getting some from the Guild this week or next.

At some point this week I need to finish tidying up the back room and start cutting out the next dress making pattern, I think the stretchy 3/4 culottes will be next. And then maybe another bag.

I've also had my nose stuck in Sock Innovation since it arrived from here, fab book wonderfully written and gorgeous patterns. The other sock book I got is Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, from same place, which is also gorgeous I was knitting the Pot pourri socks but had to step out of the denial that they fitted as they were too tight over my heel.

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